Explore California: Los Gatos (POM FRIDAY!)


It’s been a while since I explored the nearby towns with Alfie, or even did an Explore California blog post. So one day a few weeks ago, when I was having enough alone time at home and needed to get the heck out of the house, I leashed up Alfie and drove to the tiny town of Los Gatos.

Los Gatos isn’t a stranger to me, I often go a couple of times per week to Blvd Coffee to grab an ice cold espresso drink (ask for the CPR, it’s not on the menu!). But I had never ventured to downtown. Holy smokes I was missing out.

Lucy-Activewear-LosGatosThere’s a part of downtown Los Gatos called “Old Town”, and this building above, is part of it. It’s now filled with little shops, and restaurants, with some barre classes and boutique stores below. It used to be an old school house, until it burned down in the 1800’s. It was rebuilt, then housed 80-something kids, and after that they revamped it to become this get-together place. I love the old buildings here! It was also my first time in the Lucy Activewear store. It’s like a less expensive copy-cat version of Lululemon. I’m going back, when I’m feeling spendy!

Los-Gatos-TheaterSo many little treasures, and an old city vibe to Los Gatos. This theatre is still up and running, and showing the recent films. I wonder if they ever show matinees, I would totally pop by and go see a movie by myself!

Alfie-smizingTaking a break. Alfie gets really nervous in new places, so I often have to sit down and let him be close to me to make him chill the eff out. This photo above was hard to capture, because when I knelt down next to him, he thought I was going to leave and he immediately started crying and launched off the seating area to “go with me”. Sigh lol. Like dude, when did I ever leave you alone in a (scary-to-you) new place? Alfie did get quite a lot of attention in stores, as Los Gatos is really dog friendly (they have dog water bowls outside almost every store there).

Los-Gatos-churchCool lookin’ church.

Alfie-in-armsOn parts of our two hour excursion looking around Los Gatos, he requested demanded to be up in my arms for most of it. Probably because he feels like he’s Captain in Command when he’s up in my arms. Front row and center of attention, ready to charge or bark at someone if they looked at him. Just give him belly rubs, and don’t talk to him, or don’t look at him. Seriously, he feels so Boss. Lol.

California-CafeI’m going to eat here one day. If it doesn’t break the bank.


Old-TownI went into that store, Francesca’s. It’s a bit of a kitchy-inexpensive store. But I ended up buying a really mini faux-gold Cubic Zirconia necklace for myself with my “N” initial.

breaktimeBreak time for a selfie. No really. My feet were actually kind of sore (and warm!) from walking around that little town, taking photos, and calming Alfie down. Love the spring colours on the trees.



La-CanadaCanada representin’ Los Gatos! ;) Even though it’s not pronounced Canada (unfortunately). More like Kanata (in Ottawa, Ontario Canada) if you know how to say that.




Hope you enjoyed the POM Friday post. Hoping to bring them back each week again :)

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Explore California: Fort Funston + Lexus collab

Fort-HeaderSo excited to finally blog about my first Lexus collaboration with one of my fave Bay Area buddies, Lauren. We’ve hung out a ton, but we came to a realization that our two dogs had never met one another! Cue: an off leash dog beach adventure at Fort Funston! (See Lauren’s post here!)

Lauren-in-carI drove the Lexus RX450 hybrid (amazing on gas by the way) which I thought was pretty big, until I saw Lauren drive up in the beastly GX 460.


trunkThe last time I took Alfie to Fort Funston dog beach was last summer, so I thought it was perfect timing for the both of us to drive up in our matching Lexus vehicles and arrive in style with our pups to meet.

Alfie-passengerLook how excited Alfie was! So sweet.

Gotta get da pants tucked into the socks ready for a set of rubber boots! socks-in-trunk

Fort-Funston-walkThe walk down to this beach is always so picturesque and simply breathtaking. Check out that beach view for miles and miles.

2-palsI mean, really. Look at the little cutie boys walking close together (note: Alfie doesn’t let dogs get close hahaha).

BEACH TIME! Aka overflow of Mochi and Alfie photos running on the beach with huge smiles!Mochi-sprints






The tide was high the morning we drove up there, plus with all the rain that we got in California the past few weeks, made the long beach inaccessible right at the graffiti wall. In fact, the tide kept rolling in, and at one point Lauren’s amazing reflexes grabbed all our stuff in the nick of time, from getting swept out to the ocean. ALL BUT ONE ITEM: Mochi’s leash! The ocean ate it! Whenever Lauren has a reaction, it seems to be always (unfortunately) super hilarious to me.

We discussed later, that at least it wasn’t a key to the Lexus vehicles we had. Imagine?!




Although Alfie is a bossy boots and barks constantly to let all the other dogs knows he’s around (total little dog syndrome) he does listen to me well when I ask him to come, or sit for a photo opp. Except, it’s a bit difficult for him to look at the camera haha. Alfie-me


I loved how happy Mochi and Alfie were to be there, playing in the water and prancing around together, even though Alfie wanted nothing to do with Mochi. You’re failing at making new friends ALFIE. pupps



I wish Fort Funston beach was a bit closer to us, since it took close to an hour to get there. The views here are simply incredible.Fort-Funston-beach

After an hour or so we had worn out the dogs completely and it was time to venture back to the homeland. Pups-in-trunkMochi


Such a fun adventure, and I can’t wait for the next one!

sit-in-truckThanks to Lexus for providing us with vehicles for the week, and for Lauren for collaborating with me!

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Muir Woods National Monument

Redwood-treesWhen my in-laws were here, we took them to explore Muir Woods National Monument not only a first time for them, but for us too.

Foggy-driveIt was a bit of a windy drive, getting to the national monument itself.

Muir-Woods12 miles north of San Francisco, there are 554 acres of National Park with the most gigantic redwood trees you’ll ever see.

trails-of-Muir-WoodsMuir Woods is open 365 days a year, and no reservations are required to visit. I definitely enjoyed our visit, especially since there wasn’t any cell phone service. So everyone could truly take a break from being on their phones and be in the moment.


Winter-gearMy California “winter’ outfit (these photos are from December!) 




Majestic-Muir-WoodsThe serene environment is simply beautiful and majestic.


HubandSilThere’s my husband and his little sister :)


Muir-Woods-entrancePlan out your visit by looking up their operating hours, and seasons.

Muir Woods National Monument
1 Muir Woods Rd, Mill Valley, CA 94941

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