Exploring coffee shops: Chromatic Coffee Co.

Chromatic-headerIt never occurred to me to let you guys in on some of the coffee shops I visit. After I posted a photo of my first Starbucks red cup of the season, my old Graphic Design classmate Geri suggested I check out local coffee establishments rather than large chains like Starbucks. While I do often go to smaller one-off coffee shops, I didn’t really blog about it, except for that one time I went to Bellano!

Today I’m bringing you along with me to Chromatic Coffee, a few blocks down the road from Bellano.Latte-art

For my own personal review purposes I’ve decided to order the same type of drink for each coffee shop I visit, a vanilla latte. I sound some fancy! It’s only because I’m not a fan of regular coffee — flavoured coffee’s is where it’s at you guys. That and iced vanilla coffees. Hoo-wee, yummo! This time I took my iPad, sat down and read for a little, people watched while I was at it too. It was pretty packed when I went this day since I popped in around lunch time. They were playing No Doubt (an ol’ classic fav of mine, brings me back to the early 2000’s when my local climbing gym back home played that). I got lucky and snagged an awesome comfy leather couch to perch myself down on and sip away.

Chromatic-GamutI love whoever did the Graphic Design for this coffee shop, and the fonts they used on the ground coffee packages.

Chromatic-Coffee-CoChromatic doesn’t have a menu up on the wall, but they have a stand alone right in front of the cash register which is clipboard cut in half and smoothed out. Pretty snazzy if you ask me. It’s not the cheapest coffee spot I went to, I ended up paying $5.15 for my vanilla latte. Ouch.

Inside-ChromaticI love watching the barista’s work their magic. One dude was so quick with his hands pouring out two tea pots into two to-go cups at once, a little fascinating to watch especially since I’m a little clumsy.

Chromatic-menu It’s like having “me time” and being social without being social. Know what I mean? I can write a lot of my blog posts here if I didn’t get annoyed and frustrated with my ipad no working with wordpress. Instead, I bring a pen and notebook, sit down for a bit and write a few pages.

Chromatic-latte-artI stuck around for about an hour until my friend from Canada texted me, and I drove over to her house in Sunnyvale to hang out for the afternoon.



What is your go-to drink when you’re at a coffee shop?

Chromatic Coffee

5237 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051
Hours: Weekdays 7am-9pm, Weekends 8am-9pm

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  1. My husband and I have an aficionado of finding unique coffee bars across our state. We’ve visited Blue Bottle, Acme, Handler, etc. I really appreciate your post because it falls in line with our interest. And since Chromatic Coffee is just across the bay it certainly is worth a visit! Thank you so much for sharing! :)
    Cara of Stylish+Geek Blog recently posted..Curating my Simple Heirloom ChinaMy Profile

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, I’m sure I’d have a field day there. We don’t have any coffee shops around here and the nearest Starbucks is an hour and a half away and I only go there when I have to see my back tomorrow (tomorrow). Before my apt. I always grab something to take with me while I wait. At Christmas that’s usually a gingerbread latte.
    Terri Ramsey Beavers recently posted..Paula Dorf Lip Color Cream LegendMy Profile

  3. I agree with you about whoever designed those bags! They’re super cute, but really “clean” looking too. I am not a big coffee drinker myself, but there is one place a few miles away that I can’t resist going to because it smells like heaven is pouring out of there, but my favorite drink is this weird espresso/frappe combo the coffee is strong and bitter, but the topping melts into it to sweeten it up omg it is sooo good, and the frozen hot chocolates! Ahhhh. I want coffee now!
    Kimberly recently posted..My current skin care routineMy Profile

  4. The story of my life is coffee shops and craft beer! I love exploring new places like this one. I would have ordered that 12 ounce mocha coffee! YUMMY!

  5. I have to admit I never go to coffee shops as I hate coffee but I like the idea of coffee culture if you get me – going to a coffee shop to meet with friends, do some blogging or reading. I like the graphic design for that shop too, the fonts look great. It looks like a warm, homely place to grab a coffee.

  6. I love coffee shops like this and there are so many great ones in San Francisco. One of my favs is Coffee Cultures in the Financial District and there coffee cups are so similar to Chromatic!

  7. I love the coziness of coffee shops. Most places want people to get in and get out so more customers can come in, but coffee shops are designed for people to hang around and work, people watch or be social. It’s nice. This place looks like it would be a good place to spend a few hours.
    Erin recently posted..Sahalie FallsMy Profile

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