Exploring Coffee Shops: Paris Baguette

I like to explore coffee shops often. Living in the Bay Area there are tons to choose from and I pick a handful or so to visit per month, drive to ’em and scope them out. This time I went to San Jose’s new Paris Baguette location on Hostetter Road. I used to blog about visiting the coffee shops on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, and I think I should start up again. Especially if you’re new to the area and love going to them as much as I do.

dig-inBack in April I was invited to attend their grand opening, but unfortunately it fell on the day after Alfie was attacked by another dog. I cancelled on them, and ended up going in to check it out for myself a little while later. You might’ve seen the army of photos I posted on my Instagram in May.

Paris Baguette one bitesThe one-bites was my favourite. They’re a circular shaped pastry with different berries as the toppings, and inside was a creamy donut-like filling. Almost like a boston cream donut from Tim Hortons. Heh! Ohhh delicious city. Brings back great memories looking at these pics. Can you tell we love our sweets?

Paris Baguette pastriesThis isn’t your traditional coffee shop (although I like to title the post that, because their lattes here at Paris Baguette are amazing and have designs in them), it’s more of a French-inspired cafe with delicious pastries, cakes, donuts, sandwiches and the like. It’s a serve-yourself style cafe which is great because you can take as long as  you want picking out your goodies.

Paris Baguette

I met with the franchise owner, Joshua Kim for about an hour, discussing everything from his business, to our families, and even chatting about both of us immigrating to the USA. He and his wife is the first franchisee since Paris Baguette in the USA and recently opened the Paris Baguette cafe located on Hofstetter Road in San Jose. But what I didn’t realize from my previous visits to Paris Baguette (before I knew Mr. Kim) was that Paris Baguette originated from South Korea, and is more popular over there than Starbucks is! Unreal.

Paris Baguette cakeThe newest Paris Baguette is my favourite one of the few that I’ve visited, mainly for the gorgeous aesthetics — and the friendly staff (not to say I haven’t had good customer service elsewhere). I love the wooden accent wall, and the huge dining tables where you could perhaps meet a new friend over coffee. Since I usually go to coffee shops on my own, I like to sit in an area where it’s open and I can present myself in a way that I’m friendly, and eager to chat. Perhaps that’s just the Canadian in me, but that’s what I liked to do.

Paris Baguette latteYou should try it out if you’re in the area, and definitely pick up one of their vanilla lattes — they taste amazing plus you can’t beat the cute designs in the drink. I got a swan!

cakeParis Baguette
1698 Hostetter Road
San Jose CA 95131
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Exploring Coffee Shops: Social Policy

SoPoAt just about two weeks old, I randomly came across the new Bellano coffee shop called Social Policy in downtown San Jose this morning. It’s a gorgeous clean lined and beautiful design inside with the most perfect lighting for capturing photos of the place. I couldn’t stop getting up from my seat to snap photos.

Social-PolicyNot many people sitting around drinking their morning fix since it’s so new. I can only assume it’s due to people not knowing it’s open yet. I had a chat with the guy working there, and he said that this location was previously a spot called Black Bird Tavern. Having not been too familiar with downtown San Jose, I was never in that tavern before it closed down to become Social Policy.

Inside-Social-PolicyBellano has always focused on coffee but Social Policy has branched out and is serving up pastries and snacks, and I’ve been told they’re working on opening up a kitchen to serve more food than baked goods.


SoPo-OutI often like to take some me-time for an hour or so a few times a week, to turn off my phone (putting it in airplane mode) and enjoy my quiet time at coffee shops. I people watch, mainly — and it’s especially interesting to do so, here in the Bay Area. I can only imagine what sort of new deals are going down with the big wigs, or ideas people are coming up with.

VTAIt was a cool experience drinking my morning latte there today, the staff were neighbourly and chatty with me. I’ll definitely be back, especially that time of morning watching the commuters on the VTA train right outside the front door.

Social Policy latteDefinitely give their vanilla latte, and a piece of banana bread a shot. :)

SoPo-FooterSocial Policy
200 South 1th St, San Jose CA
facebook / twitter / instagram
(explore more Coffee Shops)


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Fixed Coffee | St. John’s, Newfoundland

Fixed Coffee St. John's NewfoundlandIt’s a chilly (by California standards) 10°C degree morning here in NorCal, and I got a little feeling of Newfoundland with me. Grey skies, a little wind, and a little more rain.

I was flicking through the photos on my phone, from last month and spotted Fixed Coffee & Baking pictures, so I decided to edit them and post them today. You know, just in case you’re reading my site from home (totally likely), and looking for a spot to chill out for the afternoon, and warm up for a hot cuppa.

Located by the War Memorial, you have views of both water, and duckworth street when you sit at one of the windows. Fixed-Coffee-and-Baking

You can even have a seat with Jesus. Go’wan.seating-with-jesus

My sister-in-law and I both ordered lattes. Fixed-menu

I don’t remember if they do flavouring or not, and if they did I ordered it with vanilla.2-lattes

Most rad milk station, with one of those old school floor television sets. I had one of those! milk

Fixed Coffee & Baking actually have two locations in St. John’s, this one I’m showing which is on Duckworth Street, and the second is on Harvey Road. In fact, I spotted on Facebook they’re hiring a part-time baker, if anyone is interested.

I’m no Coffee connoisseur and I definitely don’t drink black coffee. But I do enjoy a lighter roast espresso (hot) drink whenever I go. But I can tell you that I enjoy the smooth lattes Fixed makes, and you know what? I can totally taste the difference in the beans, even though my cup is filled mostly with milk. Some of the places I’ve visited have a bitter, stronger taste.Fixed-Coffee

I’m happy to hear that lighter roast coffee and espressos are taking over.Fixed-Coffee-StJohns

latte-looking-outI think I’ve found my favourite place to come up with future blog posts. Coffee shops. Typical? Maybe. But definitely cozy and I love hopping around to all the different coffee shops wherever I roam.

Fixed Coffee & Baking
183 Duckworth St, St. John’s, NL A1C 1G3, Canada
Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

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