My CrossFit Journal (Year 2, week 12)

Holy quacamole. So many power cleans this week at CrossFit. I ended up getting an unexpected number during those and I hit the 100lb mark! I was pretty surprised and happy about that.

Now, let’s start off with last week’s WOD re-caps.

The short:

Sunday — Rest
Monday — Rest
Tuesday — CrossFit
Wednesday — CrossFit
Thursday — Rest
Friday — CrossFit
Saturday— Rest

The long:


year 2, week 12, day one

3 rounds:
12 toes to bar
1 minute tuck hold

RX: 30 burpee Muscle Ups
Sc: GI Jane: 100 burpee pullups

I don’t remember the time limit for this, but I ended up doing scaled obviously, and completed 66 burpee pullups.


 year 2, week 12, day two

Power Cleans

What I completed:  Yep I completed two more sets than I was “supposed” to. 70lbs – 75lbs – 80lbs – 85lbs – 90lbs – 95lbs – 100lbs 

For time:
100 double unders

Ring Dips
Front Rack Lunge
100 Double Unders

I think we had a 25 min time limit for this. I got to the last round, and did 50 double unders but realized it was slowing me down so I did 250 single skips there after. So… did I complete it? I have no idea.


 year 2, week 12, day three

Every 30 second for 6 minutes
3 Power Cleans @ 70-75%

-Rest 2 minutes-

“Death by HSPU”
1st minute = 1 HSPU
2nd min = 2 HSPY
If 6rds is not completed finish with 7 burpees every minute until 10th round

I ended up doing burpees on starting the 5th round.

-Rest 2 minutes-

Double Unders
Sit Ups

What I completed: I got to the 30’s in the situps. 

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