CrossFit Journal Year 2 Week 4

I’ve been really enjoying climbing this month and it’s only going to get better from here on out. I’m already scoping out a new pair of climbing shoes as the La Sportiva Miura’s I have right now are 9 years old and have never been resoled. Can you believe that? Now, I’ve stopped climbing for about 5 years in between that time frame, but still! They’re old. I’m not sure whether to replace them with the same type of shoe (that are now the MENS version – they came out with a women’s version but different color. That’s how old they are), or get a less aggressive shoe. The Katana’s, which I’ve been eying for years. Ho-hum, we’ll see.

On Saturday I sat down to a 3 hour paleo seminar. My paleo challenge starts on April 7th, so YES I did get to enjoy some Easter chocolate, and no I didn’t “fail already”, because it didn’t even START. Now that that ramble is out of the way, onto my workouts from last week.

The short:

Sunday — rest
Monday — CrossFit

Tuesday — sick day :(
Wednesday — rest
Thursday — Bouldering
Friday — rest
Saturday — paleo seminar? (Not really working out)

The long:


year 2, week 4, day one

5 rounds
10 under bar power hang clean
50 double unders (0r 150 single skips)
10 burpees
1 minute rest
What I completed:
Each round we went up in weight, here’s what mine looked like: 55lbs – 65lbs-70lbs-75lbs-80lbs.
I completed ALMOST all five rounds. I was short of oneeeee burpee :)


year 2, week 4, day two

I wasn’t bouldering this time, but I ended up doing a lot of top rope on Thursday night which was fun. My friend took a few pictures of me, too! Yay!


blurry climb


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