OOTWW. Fun, Fit, Fashionable #2

Last week was my very first Fun, Fit, Fashionable (or #TripleFFriday if you’d like to use the hashtag on twitter) post. So I thought I’d to it again! Let’s hope I keep this up… ha. Next week I don’t think I’ll have one because I won’t have much time to blog. We’ll see!

But first I’d like to start with a quick little OOTWW / what I wore to work this week.

What is everyone doing this weekend? I’m coming straight home from work this evening to get the Boyf, me and our pup all sorted out for our flight. I don’t doubt Audio Box live will be playing on our speakers at my desk here with a subwoofer and all. If you like house music, you’ll like that music. Sometimes it gets awkward with it. If you listen to it enough, you’ll know what I mean.

Alright. Onto the first person for #TripleFFriday: Fun, Fit, Fashionable.

Jess (Canadian blogger!) from Laces and Lattes raced with the University of Waterloo Homecoming XC Varsity team. Crazy!

Amanda (Canadian blogger!) attended a wedding and looked absolutely stunning.

Natalie shows us her climbing gear. Drool. She’s absolutely hilarious too, so check her blog out.

I’ve been reading KDot’s blog for a few years now — she’s also a Canadian fashion blogger, showing her OOTD’s that she wears to work.

(and another one for good measure)
P.S. I love Fashion’s blog is amaaaaazing. I just found her site a few weeks ago. I forget what language she writes in, but sometimes she writes it in English too. Either way, I have been loving everything she posts. I’m totally re-creating this look.

Carly is also a Canadian blogger and YouTuber located in Toronto! Here, she wears layers well! Loved the cropped jean jacket.

Submit yourself to my weekly Fun, Fit, Fashionable posts. You can certainly submit your own, next week. Just shoot me an e-mail to spiffykerms@gmail.com. Just include any of the following:

  • Your name
  • Your URL, if you have a blog
  • Description of you being Fun, Fit or Fashionable
  • A photo, which is optional of course

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  1. Oh! Thank you for the mention! What a great new weekly feature! :)

    This weekend I am going for a beautiful holiday trail run, making gluten free pies, eating Thanksgiving dinner with family and going on a nature hike!

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