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With work, I do a bit of traveling a few times per month. Traveling meaning driving to the neighboring city to visit the other offices. One day last week my co-op student Patrick, and I were cruising down one of the country roads and had the windows down, music loud and just enjoying the summer.

Here’s the scene: Maroon 5 — Pay Phone, came on the radio.

Patrick and I got to talking about how we never see pay phone’s around anymore. Am I right? I mean seriously, when’s the last time you saw one?

Which got me thinking and I want to tell you a little story. Let’s go back… wayyyy back to my childhood. I don’t think cell phones existed. I remember pagers did before cells. I won a pager off a local radio station and had my parents “buzz” me when they wanted me to call home. I felt like a drug dealer with one of those pagers. So silly.

Okay sorry, getting off topic. Trying to tell you my story of using a pay phone.

I remember back when I was in Junior High (grades 6, 7, 8) and I always went to the movies with some friends. But instead of putting a quarter in the pay phone, calling home to my parents to pick me up for the evening. I dialed ‘0’ and asked the operator if I could make a collect call. If some of you recall, you remember a voice recording came over the phone then and asked “please speak your name – beeep” _______ and it gives a certain amount of time frame to say your first name only.

Let me tell you folks a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ about me.

I was the QUEEN of collect calls. Because during that allotted time frame I managed to speak so fast to tell my parents where I was and when to pick me up. Basically a huge blurting out of “NancyHereComeGetMeAtAvalonMallBye!” Oh I had it right down pat you guys. I even got my friends doing it! I always saved those quarters for my piggy bank, not the pay phone. My parents always wondered how I was always “in the money”.

Now you know a random fact about me…

Another random fact. I’m off to a Charity Golf tournament for work today — a whole day and evening event. Maybe I’ll be participating in some sort of tailgating food? We all know I love me some food.

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  1. Haha I remember in middle school (that’s what we call junior high here!) I wanted a pager so bad, I finally got one and felt like the queen of the world!

  2. i actually had To use the payphone a few months ago. ( i know…what a bizzar thing to say & do, in this day in age!)
    But, i had forgot my cell at home, and needed to make a call. i drove a good 5 or 6 blocks in a very vibrant busy core of the city, and finally i spotted one (You’re right Nanc, their like a dieing breed). i rummaged for change in my purse.
    This is when two things struck my mind. 1) i have become way too dependant on my cell and 2) i have become way too dependant on my debit card. I had , like NO change.
    I was in luck though… through all the pennies and dimes, i had 1 quarter! yes!!
    i run to the phone booth ( hopeing no one i knew was around to see me, bahahah!)
    and to my shock and disbleif… the payphone now costs $0.50!
    i drove home, and made my call from my home land line. Yeah, i still have one of those~

    Nancy says: hahaha what the hey? 50 cents for a phone call now?!z

  3. I totally did that too! So crafty and cost-effective. It was usually because I had spent all my money that I none left to call home. I wish I could say it was because I didn’t want to spend it!! lol.

  4. LOL! Some pay phones here you could dial and listen to the other end, but the microphone wouldn’t turn on without putting money in. Pretty dumb to leave around kids ;) I remember bored afternoons with my brother taking turns to call random numbers to hear what people would shout into the phone.

    I don’t memorise phone numbers anymore (apart from my own and my parent’s homeline which is still the same) so I’d be stuffed if my battery died on me and I was stranded.

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