Cortex: Clipless curling iron

Flat iron experts is so good to me. I’ve gotten to review a number of items from their online store over the past few years. I’ve given mostly positive reviews in the past about the hair straighteners, curling irons or new-age crimping irons. But in all honesty I didn’t know what I could compare the products that I was reviewing, to. More specifically, I didn’t know what to do with curling irons. My hands were always gimpy and the barrels that I chose to review, were frankly too large for my hair. It just gave me volume, without curl. Which is great seeing as I have fine limp hair, but some days I just want a little curl on the ends.

It’s not because any of the the products were crap. It was because I am such a gimp when it comes to doing anything with my hair. If I wanted curly hair I’d have to fiddle with my flat iron and maneuver it in a way to create odd looking curls. It took forever.  Which meant I’d rarely take the time to do that to my hair. Not to mention the fact that I went over certain pieces of hair multiple times to achieve a look I could go out in public with. Damage your hair more, sure!

I think all of the products were meant for super long, super thick hair. I e-mailed my rep that I deal with at Flat Iron Experts and asked if I could review a smaller curling wand, one that was clipless.

This thing heats up so fast. To the right (above) the digital screen temperature just rises so fast. It’s kinda fun to watch it heat up.

Here is the base of the iron, and where all of the tubes (wands?) plug into. Idiot-proof for sure.

Some specs.

Lord almighty I had no idea what a world of difference not having a clamp on your curling iron could do for your hair. And how much less time it takes up!

I was sent the Cortex 4 in 1 clipless curling wand and have been using it on the days that I don’t wash my hair. Which is a lot. The first time I used it my hair came out like this. I used the smallest barrel which is the 1.5-3.4 inch. It gradually gets smaller toward the tip of the barrel.

Okay don’t let the photo below fool you. That was just my first attempt at using it. Not a bad one I may add, but please…keep reading. It gets better. Oh boy does it ever.

On the left was right after I curled it. On the right is when I combed through my hair with my fingers to make it less prom-like. Not bad, right? I mean, could be better. It looks a little messy on the right, and just too perfect on the left. I didn’t curl my ends, and you can definitely notice it, so I made sure to include the ends of my hair the next time I did it.

 I’ve gotten the hang of it so well that I curl my hair multiple days during the week now! It’s so easy and super fast. The camera flash darkens my hair by the way, I didn’t dye it lol.

I even styled the ends of my hair for girls night the other evening.

Even though I say I’ve gotten the hang of it well, it really wasn’t a huge ordeal for it to work magic on my hair. I’ve used it probably 6 times and it’s been just as easy as the first time. I’ve decided to film and put together a video of how I curl my hair in the morning now. Watch me curl my hair in this video!

Super easy right? You can buy the Cortex 4 in One Curling Iron here.

Thanks to Flat Iron Experts for sending this product over to me, to review.

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  1. Ahh!!! I knew you’d like it! I may have to get one! I do my hair like that with a clipped curling iron and just hold the clip away, but that would be soooo much easier!!

    Looks great!

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