The shellac experience number 2

My co-worker and I went to get our nails done on Friday during our lunch break.

I got my second shellac manicure done. The last time I had these things on my nails was back when I went to California last summer.

Oh mojito memories.

When I first went into the salon with L, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t spot a color that I absolutely adored. I wanted something like I had in the photo shown above. In fact, I was wearing my own nail polish while I was picking out the colors. It’s one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE colors to wear on my nails. A nice neutral white/pink, called Pink Slip by  Sally Hansen. I discovered this color from a receptionist at a hair salon once. I adored the color so much I had to ask what she was wearing on her nails. I went out and bought it the next day.

Did I mention it was my all time favorite color?

Well, when I went into the salon and the woman was trying to find a dupe for what I was already wearing on my nails. To no avail, she then convinced me to get this one color put on my nails. I cannot tell you how picky I am with nail polish colors. But,  of course we were on a limited time frame as it was our lunch hour. She picked out this pearl/opal color and said it looked way better than the nail color I had on previously. Oh, thanks for your opinion lady. P.S I hate this opal color already. (Not really).

It was the same brand of shellac (CND) that was used on my nails. But I’m not the biggest fan of pearl/opal colors. My Aunt wears it on her fingernails and always has. She’s in her late 70’s now and I just associate opal nail polish with….old ladies.

In certain light it looks like nothing on my nails, and other times it looks shiny. See above? Oh that nail polish! Such tricksters.

Then when I went to pay, she kept holding my hand and looking at my nails saying her color looked better than my all time favorite color that I had on when I walked in.

I’m sure the shellac will last a really long time and it is…kinda pretty. My co-worker gets hers done there regularly and it still looks perfect after 16 days of wear and tear. I also know that I could also request that she bring in that exact milky pink CND polish I had done last summer. I just wanted to tell a little story today, and maybe rant a little. hee hee! :)

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  1. one of the girls I work with gets Shellec on her nails. She swears by it. I’ve never had it done. Is it harder then regular nail polish. I don’t understand the difference.

  2. well, from my experience ( and by that i mean sitting there relaxing while they polish… so im not really paying attention..hehe)
    its a polish ( in a bottle with a wand just like your typical nailpolish)
    but they “cure” it under the UV lights.
    first they prime with a clear “special” polish ( i personally think thats the secret weapon… and they whip it out of a drawer, hold it label against their hand so you cant read it, and then tuck it away back in the drawer when they are done. ok, maybe its not quite “that” 007, but really… it seems like they keep it a secret!)
    ok, so, then they paint on the shelac. just like regular. (maybe theres a gel additive??)
    then you cure under the UV light for 5 min, then they polish again, and then you go under the light again, then they buff with a tissue dipped in alcohol (apparently there is a bit of a sticky film, untill they buff) then you’re done.
    Im not kidding you I have had this batch of shellac on for 3, YES 3 weeks. i have alot of grow out from my nail beds, but NO chips at the tips. there is really minimal wear ! and im hard on my hands… Im a hand flailer! BUT, ive had it done at 2 other salons that only lasted 3 days and had minor chips. the difference you ask… NO PRIMER. Told ya it’s the secret weapon! Im sure of it!

    Nancy, find out the colour of the one you like, and we will get them to order it in. you need to be happy, as its your nails gal!


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