Wordless Wednesday: week in photos

  1. VS Pink tank top with sequins
  2. Refreshing snack of raspberries, blackberries and snap peas
  3. Fraps for Marketing department!
  4. Anjoito’s — a recipe thanks to my co-worker Julie!
  5. Lemon Pepper Chicken Stir Fry
  6. I bought 6 pairs of shoes over the weekend. Oops!
  7. Shellac’ed nails
  8. Chicken wraps with snap peas and a tall glass of milk, out on the balcony!

Psst. I’m looking for your fashion advice. I’m debating between these two pairs of sweat shirts from Victoria’s Secret PINK — I have a coupon to use for a “Private Party” on Sunday evening where I can get a $10 discount lol. Which one do you like better on me? The peach one is actually a bright neon peachy color. I’m thinking that one, but all the sales associates were saying the darker color. HALP.

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  1. I like the darker colour of pink. It looks very nice with your complexion! But the peach is nice, too! Pick the one you like the most!

  2. Fun photos… i like the darker pink. It matches your phone. And it will match one of those shoes, right? They look like a similar shade, but I can’t tell.

  3. I like the peachy color! It’s different :)

    Also, I loved this post and I had to laugh because I thought the shoes represented a girls night at your house. Nope. Just one girl’s shoes. I desperately need some new shoes – where did you go?

  4. I have to vote for the darker pink. I love the shape and style and the color compliments your skin tone nicely :)

    And oooh, even though I had a frappe today, I want another one thanks to those pictures! I have to get one everyday, I’m so obsessed! It’s horrible… but delicious.

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