Not-So Wordless Wednesday

yellow gap jeggingsScored these yellow GAP jeggings for $16 (originally $80) a week ago.

nephewsI get to see these two lil guys in a little over a week.

marketing teamOur new Marketing guy at work! He’s so fun! (I asked his permission to be on my site).

new workout clothes New workout gear is always fun. Lululemon top | GAP leggings | Reebok Nano’s.

Rouge Fitness Skipping RopeSpeaking of fitness. This Rouge Fitness skipping rope is incredible and I can do 20+ double-unders in a row with them. Missing and then getting whipped with them isn’t as much fun, though.



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Wordless Wednesday

Just me keepin’ it real, at work. ha ha!!

We held a seminar, and I’m the person who just does the technical work for the seminar. Just hooking up the laptop and powerpoint, and sit back and relax lol. I blurred out my co-workers face. Don’t think he’d appreciate unknowingly being on my site.

No peeking at my work’s website address :)

An audience member had a question. I’m literally dying inside here. Ball of nerves. Do I really make faces like that? I swear, I was carefully listening to the audience ask questions.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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Wordless Wednesday

  1. Alfie loves cuddles!
  2. New stickers for pressing onto my nails. I’m excited to try these out!
  3. Macaroni and cheese on the balcony
  4. St. Tropez dark tanning mousse put to work! Look at the darkness of my legs.
  5. I got STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR!!!!!!!!!! (Though, it was only for about 30 seconds) It was hilarious and scary at the same time.
  6. New pink flats from Marshalls
  7. Patrick gave me a (him) going away present! Gumballs! LOL YAY!!
  8. Patrick and I, on his last day of his work term with us :(
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