Sportin’ my first February 2012 outfit of the work week. Hope everyone had a great week. I find that lately Tuesday’s are really hard to get through and I don’t know why. It’s almost like I don’t feel like doing anything. It’s been going on like that for now two Tuesdays in a row, haha.

Also! Stay tuned for tomorrow as I’m going to be doing a giveaway for something from the Erin Condren store—her site is super great and keeps an organized person happy. I need to pick up one of the personalized journals on there. Anyway, I won’t get into it too much, as you’ll see tomorrow morning. Be sure to come back! But for now I’m going to show you my OOTWW and play a little more of yoyoplay for yomega before I head into work.

Care to share what your favorite outfit that you wore this week?

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  1. All of them are great, but my favourites are monday and thursday. Love your style of making combinations.

    PS: The pants on Wednesday don’t look so flattering, at least on that pic. They look to be a size or two bigger.

    Nancy says: Hi Aline! Missed your comments lately :) Sometimes those ‘jean trousers’ don’t photograph well. They fit me perfectly and those are the only pants (believe it or not) that I get complimented on my by my co-workers *every* time I wear them. Funny hey? Also, they don’t look, or feel too big in person. It may just be the way I’m standing in the pic.

  2. I loooove Thursday’s outfit! You should wear this one more often! So pretty.

    Nancy says: Thanks Leanne! I love Mon & Tues :)

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