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Just a quick reminder mentioning my other website again. It’s called Locupleto and it’s my “coupon saving” site. There’s always a link on the right hand side bar if you happen to forget. I don’t update it as much as I do this one. Mainly only when I see some really great deals that I can’t not share. Know what I mean?

On my coupon site earlier today I posted that is having a few freebie giveaways when you purchase off their site. They have everything a drug store and small grocery store would. But they probably don’t have a whispbar roof rack. Sorry. also offers free shipping to Canadians, always. Which is always a nice added bonus. Go ahead and check out Locupleto and save yourself some dollah bills.

Well! I’m off to CrossFit, night all!

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  1. I always forget to check this site.. I always forget you have it! Oops. I need to start couponing I think if I can figure out how to save big and actually make it worth my while (since I only get that I need when shopping so id have to have the exact coupons) I would do it! I will be heading over there to check it out :)

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