Turning down companies

Just because I do a lot of reviews and giveaways in the run of an average month, doesn’t mean that I’m accepting anyone and everyone who e-mails me. Not everyone who contacts me, makes it on this blog. If you ever have any questions about whether or not I got a product for free to review, I do mention it in my blog post. If not, you can always question me in the comments below. Some of my reviews are even products I purchased myself.

Not every company gets a positive review from me. Vasanti has given me 3 great products to try out from bronzer, to mascara and eye cream. The eye cream made my eyes puff up. I’m just telling it like it is. It was strange though since it was a de-puffing cream, and had 4.5 stars out of 5 with 200+ reviews on their site.

Some PR companies don’t seem that internet savvy and I almost always delete the e-mails as soon as I see Hello Blogger, or just a plain simple Hello. They are most likely getting my gmail e-mail address from the right hand side of my bio here on my website and the third word, I say my first name. It’s a real pain in the arse to see something so informal, especially if that company wants me to help them! No way in the freaking world. You address me just like any other personal dealings. Just because it’s not face-to-face doesn’t mean that it should be addressed otherwise. It shows they did their research if they address me by Nancy, and not by spiffykerms, or hello or hello blogger.

I didn’t write this blog post because of a particular instance. I just want my readers to be able to relate to me, trust my reviews and continue to be a reader of spiffykerms.com :)

Now, off to read about ct electricity! Bye :)

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  1. Love the full disclosure :). Just a question: how many companies email you for sponsorship and how many companies do you email?

    Nancy says: Hi Lexie! Good question. At the beginning when I was starting out to want to review products in 2009-2010, I contacted 100% of the companies myself. There were a handful within that year that ended up contacting me. However now, it’s about 70/30, where 30% of the time I’m actually on the hunt for my favorite products, e-mailing/tweeting them asking who their PR person is and getting in contact with people that way. For the most part, companies love it when you’re completely honest about loving their products and wanting to explain more to (the) my readers. I never know where these PR companies are coming from, but I have my e-mail address right on the front page here of this site. I’m also very active on twitter, so perhaps they’re contacting me from either of those two places. I’m not sure! I should ask them next time.. ;)

  2. I turn down so many every day, most I don’t even reply to. IF they use my first name, I take the time to reply either way but if I get blogger, hello, hey, Losing It and Loving It, they go into the trash. Glad to hear someone else does it the same way.

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