This week has flown, and crawled by all at the same time. I can’t believe it’s Friday already — but at the same time Monday seems like forever ago. Does that ever happen to you? I spent the entire week cleaning the apartment. I didn’t do much in the evenings except for climb on Wednesday. I’m going to be entering a competition in the next little while. It’s happening very soon, so I feel the need to head in there more and practice :)

Either way, I’m here with my outfit of the work week here! Yay! Love this day :)

No time to sleep in this weekend. My membership at the climbing gym expired. I asked them if they could start my (free) membership up just on Wednesday since I’ll be volunteering over the weekend to get my free month pass! Yay! No $55.00 month membership fees!

Tuesday or Wednesday is my favorite outfit!

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