An update..

Just thought I’d pop in and give an update on how I’m doing with my Walking Pneumonia.

Last night was one of the first nights I got a decent amount of sleep. The uncontrollable chest-cough was definitely still there and it certainly woke the two of us up. It’s like a dry cough, coming from your chest. My throat isn’t sore at all, I feel like there’s just an annoyance in between my adam’s apple (wait, do girls have those?) and my chest. Right where the collar of my shirt would be. The second worse thing (where being the annoying cough is first), is that my mouth tastes like metal when I haven’t eaten anything in a while. It’s from the pills I’m taking. It was sickening in my mouth this morning when I woke up, I had to brush my teeth before doing anything today.

I took a really long relaxing shower this morning and took my time getting ready as I was going in for my Chest X-ray. It was quick and easy, in and out in 10 mintues or less. I saw the photo of my side-on chest x-ray and it looked super neat. I wish I had asked her if I could take a photo of it.

The DR required a stat report on my xray, and now I’m just waiting to hear back from him, if he does indeed call me. Otherwise, I’ll keep taking my horse sized pills and slowly get better.

I can’t tell you how boring it is at home!!  There’s only so many movies and blogs you can watch/read in a day.

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  1. Oh you poor girl! Feel better soon! I had walking pneumonia a few years ago. Had bronchitis and it turned into that. I really feel for you. If it’s dry where you live (like in your house/apartment) a humidifier helps with the breathing at night.

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