Oh boy…

Ever since I got back from my thanksgiving trip home to Newfoundland I haven’t been feeling 100%. At first I thought it was just an annoying cold. It started off three weeks ago as a sinus cold, which went away. As soon as the sinuses cleared up I started having a cough.

That cough has been around for three weeks. I called my parents over the weekend just for a chat and my Mom suggested I go to the drop in clinic today. She said it’s been lingering on too long. Oh, Mom’s know best, don’t they?

My cough is worse during the evenings and I wake myself up with a nasty deep-man cough.

I showered, and got dressed and drove over to get checked out by the same Doctor who looked after my weird bump, and ear infection over the summer. I like it when drop-in’s have the same Doctor.

He listened to my chest with his stethoscope and heard something in my upper right chest.

I have walking pneumonia. Oh boy. I wasn’t expecting that! I honestly feel fine for the majority of it, except for being tired and whiney. Oh and uncontrollable coughing fits.

Symptoms (grabbed from here):

The symptoms of walking pneumonia are similar to those of more serious forms of pneumonia, but with less severity. These include fatigue, cough, fever, chills and/or sweating. Often the cough is dry, but may produce phlegm. The symptoms come on more gradually than they do in other forms of pneumonia, sometimes taking up to three weeks to reach their full effect. Because the symptoms are generally not severe, those infected often consider them to be indicative of a simple chest cold or mild flu, and continue their daily routines without disruption.

I’ve been given these huge monster-sized pills to take, which will make my food taste metallic, says the Pharmacist. Nice..

If I don’t feel better within 48 hours I’m told to go and get an x-ray ASAP, using the requisition he printed out for me. Just what the Doctor ordered, actually… he didn’t say much lol. The Pharmacist just told me to take the meds with food.

Anyway that’s my news for Monday. As my Dad would say “That’s the way the cookie crumbles”

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  1. OH man I hope you get better soon. I had pneumonia a couple of years ago and it was not fun at all. I actually had the xrays and all that done, and I was coughing constantly and it was so hard that I bruised my ribs or something along those lines too. Sending wellness vibes your way.

    Nancy says: I had pneumonia twice when I was a kid. All I remember was being over heated, and getting all kinda of treats sent to me from my parents friends. Coloring books, McDonalds pizza. It was all good.

  2. Eeeesh! That sounds awful. Ah, a mother’s intuition…don’t all moms just seem to know what advice to give when sick? Although I’m pretty lucky to have a nurse for a mom to tell me if I’m being a hypochondriac or not

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