The ceiling in our apartment is now on the floor. I haven’t been blogging much because we’ve been cleaning. I don’t want to get more into depth just yet. Thankfully our desktops have been covered up with plastic. I also witnessed a dog peeing off its 3rd floor balcony last night. So can’t wait to report that one. Filthy disgusting and ghetto. The dog was huge! Changing the subject here: I have a post coming up tomorrow about my week 13 in CrossFit. Maybe I’ll explain exactly what it is. Are you interested in knowing more about CrossFit? Here’s my OOTWW. K Bye.

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  1. Wednesday is my fave. The pairing of the dress and the skirt is super cute! Never would have thought of doing that. I need to shop at Joe Fresh more. I bought a trench coat there (on sale! w00t!) not long ago and got many compliments on it. Sorry to hear about the apartment ceiling. Crappy deal…or is that a pissy deal ;) Good luck taking care of it. Hope it doesn’t cause any more problems :S

  2. Am of course loving Wednesday, because it seems out of your comfort zone. It is very, very cute!! Are you still self=tanning? You must…you look so summery :)

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