My CrossFit Journal (week 13)

You’ll notice in the CrossFit archives that there wasn’t a week 12. That’s because I didn’t go the entire week. Ooops. I definitely didn’t make up for it this week either, going only twice. I blame it on driving to the airport one evening, then cleaning up our apartment for the next two nights because of a small disaster.. Meh! Next week will be better. I promise myself. :) Maybe I’ll get some trophies and awards for going a ton next week.


Week 13 Day 1.

Death by Thruster Rx 115/75lbs (I used 50 lbs)


1 Thruster on Minute 1
2 Thrusters on Minute 2
3 Thursters on Minute 3
4 Thrusters on Minute 4
5 Thrusters on Minute 5
6 Thrusters on Minute 6
7 Thrusters on Minute 7  

… Continue until failure within minute
What the Thrusters look like:

The whole class only ended up finishing 8 rounds. I finished my 8 thrusters I think 5 seconds before minute 9 hit and then I pushed out 3 thrusters, tried to do another 3 and my wrists just killed. They were floppy, and painful.


Week 13 Day 2.

Front Squat (I used 45 lbs)

What the front squats look like (skip to 30 seconds in):

The front squats are difficult for me, as I can’t get very low yet. While we were taking breaks from the 5 reps at a time for the Front Squats we practiced things we wanted to work on. The coach/trainer (what do I even refer to them as?) told me to do strict pull ups with a black band (second last elastic until I use none!!) and then practice kips WITHOUT AN ELASTIC. Crazy.




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