My outfit of the work week was already picked out this week. Except my arm swelled up (you’ll hear more about that tomorrow when I write my blog post) and I decided to take a break from CrossFit. So comfy clothes it was until Friday. A new springy outfit. I love it!

Below is what I wore to workout last week/this week. No Caps Hats or visors on my head during the workout days, I save the visors for outdoors. Have a fab Friday!

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  1. Great outfits, love Tuesday and love how half the workout photos have puppy in them :)

    Nancy says: He was excited I came home! Ha ha. In the a.m’s he’s with me while I get ready so he tends to leave me alone.

  2. Friday is my fave!! How are you liking your Tory flats? I’m considering getting some, but they’re so expensive. :/

    Nancy says: Hey Jen! I bought these TB flats in Oct/Nov just when I couldn’t wear flats much anymore as it was a bit too chilly. They’re a huge B to break in, and I’m hoping they do soon. They rub so much on a lot of different parts on both my feet :( The “display model” that I tried on at Holts Renfrew a year or so ago felt sooo comfy. I’m disappointed at how long it’s taking to break in these babies. They’re true-to-size too, btw.

    P.S: I stalked these on ShopBop for 7 or 8 mths and they went on sale for 30% off.

  3. Loved monday, wednesday and friday. But all of them look great. Looking great on those workout outfits as well. That jacket from walmart for only 9 dollars? Great find!

    PS: Alfie looks incredible adorable showing up on the pictures.

  4. I love when you post your weekly outfits because they’re always from stores I know! So many of these types of things are from U.S. stores and I can’t find similar items!

    Nancy says: Oh I know exactly what you’re talking about! :)

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