Blogging Etiquette

Just a snippit from J’s post about Blogging Etiquette.

Quote from Holla Back Health:
Let’s get this out of the way first: Yes, it’s YOUR blog. Yes, you can do exactly what you want with it. But if you want to be a courteous blogger (as courteous as I’m sure you are in real life!) there are certain things you can do make sure your blogging is kind and fair. You need to learn blogging etiquette (or what I like to call “bletiquette”).

Bletiquette Rule #1: Don’t do things in the blog world you wouldn’t do in the real world
Bletiquette Rule #2: Give credit where credit is due
Bletiquette Rule #3: When in doubt, ask!
Bletiquette Rule #4: Keep asking!
Bletiquette Rule #5: DON’T BRAG.
Bletiquette Rule #6: Don’t be your own worst critic

You should all have a read!

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