Faux or real flowers?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this warm weather. 16ºC + this entire weekend. Too bad I brought mostly sweaters with me. Guess I should’ve checked the forcast. Ha!

I’m walking around here, and there are so many rectangular planters filled with pretty, and bright flowers. Kind of makes me wish I had my own home so I could get out there and plant some peonies. If only they weren’t covered with ants all the time. That shiz gives me the willies.


These peonies are my blackberry messenger profile photo. I found it on Pinterest but it was first blogged about on Apartment Therapy.

Are you a fan of faux flowers, or do you only like to buy real? I have a nice set of fake flowers on display at my desk at work. They’re super lush looking and look real, I’m always questioned about them (they were purchased at Urban Barn).

K, I’m outta here!!!

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  1. My friend was helping me arrange some flowers for my apartment… we both preferred faux of course! You don’t have to take care of them and they last forever. You HAVE to spend money on them and buy higher quality ones that actually look real though because the cheap ones look really fake.

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