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As I claimed a few days ago I loved booties (shoes), a couple of gals had concerns on how to wear said booties. You all know what I dress like since I post my Outfit of the Work Weeks each and every Friday, so I’m not the hugest fashion-queen in the bloggyworld, but I do have some simple ideas on how to show off those heels.

I had a grand time putting together invisible-people outfits on Polyvore and planning all around the shoes. Let’s get to it!

Outfit #1:

You can even change up the long cardigan and tank top for a nice frilly top too, like this one say.

Ignore the prices on some of these items. I got carried away and ended up putting a Prada handbag in the photo above. Ha! So this is definitely something that I would wear, with the exception of the wool hat. While I think it would be super cute with curled hair, hats just don’t look good on me. Easy does it. Start with the basics:

1) Skinny pants.
2) A fitted clean tank/v neck shirt or even a crew neck.

Here is where it looks kind of boring, right? Just the pants and tank? Now is the time to add you own style. I personally am obsessed with long cardigans this season and it just so happens that I have 2 purple cardigans. For skinny pants I don’t think you need to cover your butt. I think that only applies to leggings, when you wear them as pants – please be sure to cover the bum.

Looks kind of boring still, right? Slap on some gorgeous booties, and a long necklace and you’re ready to roll. The brown purse semi-reminded me of my $20 H&M brown purse, so that add a bit of accessories to it  and it looks gorg on your arm. If it’s chilly, pop on a neutral wool hat and you’re ready to start the day.

Outfit #2:

Oh em gee would you look at that — I found my suede boots on Polyvore! I had to create an outfit out of that. Of course.

Notice how I’m keeping with dark slim style pants? These are straight leg jeans that I’m pairing up with the boots. You ought to be careful wearing your jeans over the boots as the dye may run onto the suede. This outfit is easy to style. Before I wore heels I would definitely wear a plain pair of flats with this outfit shown below. Would you wear this outfit?

Outfit #3:

Monochrome with black, greys and golds.

I paired these peep toe, leather black boots with gold accessories with leggings. Remember to cover that butt of yours if you wear leggings. As you can see I chose a long flowy top with a long cardigan. You can even put a black belt over both the cardi and top, on your natural waist or a bit higher. Again, just playing around with the gold jewelry and adding as much accessories as I could to keep it interesting, but not too busy. I originally had the accessories paired with a bright blue fossil watch, but it didn’t look very classy with the nice rich tones that I have in the above posted photo.

You can easily change these killer peep to heels into a pair of flats with black patent leather, or even ivory colored flats would work with this. Play with it!

3 Outfit photos with a bit of explanation in each one.  This isn’t too out of the ordinary for me to do a fashion-post like this, but new for this blog at the same time. I wanted to help a couple of readers I thought I’d post it  here for all to see.

Which outfit is your favorite?

My answer: The first one is something that is safe, and I would definitely wear — as is the third but there’s something a little more classy about the third that draws me in. It’s more eye catching. Probably all the gold accessories…so I choose #3. Number two is a bit too preppy for me with the striped shirt and pea coat. Even though I do own a (long) red peat coat. It’s not the same. Whewf. :)


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  1. What do you mean you’re not a fashion queen? These are all really great ideas! I’ve been tiptoeing around booties but haven’t committed to a pair just yet. I’d be most likely to wear outfit #2 since I tend to pick a lot of timeless “safe” classic pieces. I’m always a little glad when fall comes around because I get to layer and layer!

    Nancy says: I get panicky when I have to layer things. I’ve only recently started “doing it right” even though there aren’t any rule per-say.

  2. These outfits look great. I’ve yet to bite the bootie bullet…just not sure I can do it w/my big feet! I love J’s Everyday Fashion but often forget to look at it! I want her legs!!

  3. Those are great combinations! My favourite is #2 because i think that boots + jeans make an amazing match. I just would try a belt in another color, maybe white, to make the waist line more noticeable. Anyway, a grey or blue sweater would match the outfit as well. And by the way, that black jacket is simply perfect.

  4. Forgot to mention, that i’m a bit careful of wearing leggings with tops. Whenever i use leggings i use a short dress on top of it. Looks comfortable and safe and the dress, even a short one, is bigger than a regular top.

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