This weeks Outfit of the Work Week comes with a bonus edition! How… exciting. I decided to post last Saturdays, primarily because I never wear that red fancy jacket that I purchased in Ireland (except for going out to formals/weddings, etc) and two — I bought two pairs of boots that I needed to show off. Remember if you would like to know where to buy anything I am wearing, just click the image below to enlarge it, and everything is posted below each image.

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  1. Liked the saturday sweater (i wonder how much it costed), and those black boots make a perfect match with those jeans.

    The suede boots shine on tuesday and thursday outfits. Really make them stand out even more.

    Tuesday is a brilliant outfit. Everything is so right and i loved that you hidden the black boots into the pants. You look hot in this.

    Wednesday and friday are also perfect examples of matching clothes (Just the mexx pants from wednesday still need to be tailored).

    My favourites are both Tuesday and Thursday. You look so elegant on thursday’s outfit. The cardi, the tank, the pants and the boots… everything perfect.

    Nancy says: You are too kind Aline! The Saturday sweater was from an expensive store at Abercrombie & Fitch but it was only $11.00. I think they made a mistake on their online store, so I bought it quickly, when I used to stalk their website daily.

    Oh and I know about the tailoring – it desperately needs to be done. I’m so slack!

  2. Love the outfits Monday and Thursday…I would definitely wear them myself — not sure if you consider that a compliment though :)

  3. LOVE that red coat! I have one too and it is my fave. I also like the anthro cardigan and the blouse in the last 2 outfits. I’ve never purchased from Anthro, but I want to :)

  4. I loooooove those boots and both outfits you wore with them! And at first, I was discouraged because we don’t have a Winner’s but now I remember that I’ve seen Tahari boots @ a lot of stores! I’m going to have to go look around later today!

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