I….. don’t really know?

After having a 5 month long break of indoor soccer I went back to my Sports Medicine DR for a check-up as he mentioned I should do before I sign up for outdoor season. I remember him telling me that just taking the time off, would heal it. Massage therapy and physio wouldn’t work as this is an ‘odd case’. It’s not my muscle, it’s my bone. He mentioned I had a bruised fibula. But today he said it could have either been that, or a very small fracture.

Thank heavens I ended up getting my pedicure on Saturday, because so many people were at my feet today, twisting it, and trying to find out where the problem lies. After casual joking and chatting my DR decided that I do indeed would require some physio (Yea, huh!?) and/or get an ankle brace if I decide to take up outdoor. It was a funny convo in the patient room.

DR: So, do you want to play soccer this season?
Me: Well. Do you recommend I stay off? Because I’d rather have my ankle healed than to play this year.
DR: Something along the lines of  … Well I’m not telling you that you can’t, but do you want to? (Clearly he went more in depth than that.)

His assistant / intern / not-sure-who, snickers at us playing back and forth to the questions.

All in all, I’m signed up for physio. Funny enough my outdoor (name twin! Nancy with the almost-exact last name as me!) team mate is a massage therapist there and I have her for physio. How cool, right?

I went next door to get fitted for an ankle brace and walked out with this $84.00 one — which is covered with my work’s insurance, thankfully. It felt like I was on springs when I had it on. My ankle did not budge.

Let’s hope that they can heal me. They told me they love it when ‘people like me’ come in for physio, because like I said – it doesn’t hurt when I play soccer all the time. Just certain times I can make it KILL, and other times? 110%. So deceiving, this ankle.

Let’s see what she can do. ;)

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  1. Well I am definitely keep my finger, toes, arms…etc…all crossed for you!!! Soccer is awesome to watch and I am totally in awe of anyone who can play! Me…um…not so much! I can run but put some foreign object into the picture (i.e. soccer ball) and I am klutzy mess! :)

  2. Remember that i always talked about physio? Hopefully it will help the healing process. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Good luck getting your ankle fixed! It is so annoying having an injury/ailment that they can’t “fix”…they are doctors for crying out loud, isn’t that what they DO?! LOL

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