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I did so much healthy eating this weekend it’s ridiculous — in a good way of course. I was tempted by Susan’s food posts to make a pita sandwich for myself, so while I was at the grocery store I picked up some pitas that were on sale and jam–packed it with my chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and green pepper. I gotta say, my bread purchasing skills were at an all time low as my pita just completely fell apart like wet paper towels would and it was so incredibly messy to eat. That was unfortunate.

What are your recommendations for ‘sturdy’ pita bread?

On Saturday, boyfriend and I ended up going to the Mennonite market and I picked up 6 stalks of corn (the sweetest, juiciest corn I’ve ever tasted in my entire life) and also a huge hunk of free salmon. Don’t need to repeat that one twice! I actually ended up cooking all of the corn on Saturday night as I thought we were going to end up eating it on the beach on Sunday. A few people ended up bailing so I did too since I didn’t want to wake up at 7:30AM to go. Boyfriend decided to go regardless and while he was gone I devoured a few corn on the cob. Tee hee.

Last night we ended up eating the salmon, corn on the cob and some potatoes that I had left over in the fridge. It was fantastic, especially since we haven’t had a bit of salmon in weeks. My boyfriend isn’t a fan of corn on the cob (omg??? I know!), so since Saturday I polished off four of the six corn on the cob. Oink oink~ I don’t think I’ll be purchasing that many again in the future. Maybe one or two … stocks? Is that what they’re called?


I just hit a writers block, and don’t really know what else to tell you guys today… so I’m gonna head off!

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  1. I am drooling after reading about all of that deliciousness! My recommendation for pita bread is not to cut it open and use the inside, but rather to pile the ingredients on top and roll it up. It never seems to stay together when you put the stuff inside!

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