CrossFit Style Workout

I haven’t joined CrossFit and it’s really close by. I cannot get over the cost compared to Ontario. It’s more than double. I love the CrossFit atmosphere and I miss it tremendously. As much as I’d love to join, to meet new friends — I just can’t take that expense on right now, especially since we have a free gym in our complex. Instead, I’ve been making up my own CrossFit style workouts: 20 minute arm workout // Speedy treadmill workout // 30 minute treadmill workout. Sorta.

My arms were still a little sore from the 20 minute arm workout I did the other day, but I put together this workout, not knowing how long it would take me. It’s been months since I did an intense workout like this.

CrossFit Style Workout, CrossFit, workout at home, You better believe I scratched out 150 squats and put it down to 100. Ain’t no way I would’ve liked that.

Workout faceI managed to complete it in 34 minutes. Can you beat my time? Do the workout and post your times in the comments!

How are you staying fit today?
I’m thinking of doing a 45 minute treadmill run. I don’t care how many miles/kilometers I do, I want to build up my running endurance.

How many days in a week do you workout?
Right now I only go 3-4x/week. Yikes.

What is your favourite type of way to workout? Cardio? Weights? Abs? A mixture of it all?
I really enjoy a mixture of weights, cardio and gymnastics. I love confusing my body and never plateauing. That’s why I love CrossFit.

What is your most hated of exercises?
I really disliked wall balls at CrossFit.

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2013 Reebok CrossFit Games – Canada Regional East

CFGames 2013One of my coaches at the local CrossFit box I go to, was the only female to qualify for the Canada Regional East games in our tri-city area. We were pretty excited about it and a bunch of us drove to Mississauga yesterday to cheer her on in her two of seven WODS she had to complete in the three days of the games.


The first event I watched her, she completed 100 wallballs (14lbs), 100 chest to bar, 100 pistols (in the picture below), and 100 one-armed snatches with 50lbs. Andi

She’s an incredible strong, motivated athlete who I look up to at CrossFit.  She was amazing yesterday. I got chills just watching her and my heart was just pumping for her! So strong and I loved every minute of being there.

I can tell just from this 2013 year alone that my love of CrossFit is right up there with climbing and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it. Almost two and a half years in and I’m not ready to stop yet.

The two photos above were not taken by me. In fact I grabbed them off her (my coach) FB page. I did manage to take more than a fair share of pictures yesterday, so here they are!

Coach Andi (yellow bra) cheering on another athlete to finish her 21-15-9 deadlifts (205lbs) and 24″ box jumps.

Another heat of women doing the 4 sets of 100 (wallballs, chest to bar, pistols and snatches)
CrossFit Games

Coach Andi owning the 100 chest to bar pull ups.IMG_0021

Who has been following the CrossFit Games? Are you cheering for anyone in particular?

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