The day I nearly got kicked out of Yoga

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Onto a little story for you all. The day I nearly got kicked out of Yoga.

The instructor that I had for yoga on this particular night was an older lady with a full face of makeup. Not that her makeup matters. But I’m trying to give you a visual. This should do it:


I’m not entirely sure that she’s taught many yoga classes, because she was a little too light-hearted about it all. Stumbling over poses, rephrasing her words to back track on our poses, and then “Okay, never mind let’s do it this way instead” Nevertheless it wasn’t a very focused yoga session.

I made many quick glances at my co-worker and I could tell that she could read my mind. That, or it was the grin I had on my face the entire class.

At one point I looked over at L while the instructor was trying to explain how to get from a low lunge on the floor, to a deep lunge. Most of us understood the concept already and was in the pose before she finished her sentence. As I glanced at L, I must’ve made a questionable face.

Which then got a little smirk and chuckle out of her.

I then thought of what my face must’ve looked like, to get a rise out of my coworker, that I couldn’t help but silently laugh. Which, of course got more of a giggle out of L, and so the ball got rolling and I started laughing … uncontrollably. Those laughing fits in which you have absolute no self control over. I was trying so hard to stop, but I couldn’t. Thankfully it was one of those silent laughs, oh but only for a little while until I let out a squeal or two trying to gasp for air, which made me let out a not obnoxiously loud “HAHA”, but enough to stir attention.

Oh why do I do this to myself. As I’ve stated in my About Me section, I love to laugh (occasionally at the wrong time). So brutal.The  laugh probably lasted no more than 30 seconds but trying to quiet down while at yoga is a workout in itself. I just couldn’t look a at L, had to keep my thoughts away from the faces I was making, and focus on what the instructor was telling us to do next. It was like the instructor was inflexible and making light of the situation.

I could hide my laughter since we were in the child’s pose for most of my laughing fit. Thanks to my wonderful camera skills, I took these shots just for this blog post!

Some of the poses the woman had us doing was really quite strange. It was more of a stretching sort of class rather than actually working muscles. Which was fine. But not what I was expecting. Especially doing The Bow pose. That was just completely asking for someone to let out a fart. It was fart-inducing, if I may. Thankfully I didn’t let one go….but I could tell, if there was one that needed to come out, it woulda.

L said it well, after we left the class. It was a different instructor than what we’ve been used to the past week or so, the one we had for this class was good for stretch holds, but the other one who got me totally hooked on yoga, was good for getting in deep muscle stretches and felt like I actually did a workout, instead of feeling like I just stretched for an hour and lay like a corpse at the end.

Speaking of Corpse pose. That always weirds me out. They need to rename it to relaxation pose. I don’t want to visualize me as a corpse, as I try to relax.

Alright, so I didn’t exactly almost get kicked out of Yoga. But it makes for a better story this way, am I right? I certainly felt like a school grader, trying to keep her giggles to herself.

Have you ever had a laughing fit at a place where you really should not have?

What is your favorite Yoga pose? I have a few!

Downward Dog


Warrior (I think having the arms up in the air is correct?).

Save the best pose for last, my absolute favorite, the Chaturanga. I want to say Cowabunga every time it’s mentioned.

To finalize things off, I thought I’d leave you with a great quote (click to enlarge):

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#FitFluential Plank Challenge

I sometimes wish that I could be confident enough to bring in my point-and-shoot camera into the CrossFit gym to document some of the cool things we do. Instead of me feeling awkward and shy to ask the coaches if they could film me doing kipping pullups (my favorite move at CrossFit) or planks, I’ve decided to do it in the comfort of my own home.

Show me what you’re capable of! If you’re not too shy to go on video, that is.

I decided to film myself to see how long I could hold a plank for. Before you watch, how long do you think I can hold it?

Planking and Kipping are probably my most favorite exercises, besides climbing of course.

Be FitFluential, and get your plank on!

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