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Back again for the third time today. Third time’s a charm right? Unless it’s a bad situation like having to go through bulging disc surgery. That doesn’t seem like any fun.

Have you seen my recent YouTube videos? I’ve posted a handful last week and in case you missed out I’m putting them all here tonight for your viewing. How fun!

All About Eyes using Vasanti’s mascara and an eye brightening concealer.

An outfit of the work week which you probably saw on this post.

Glymm box unveiling. Hey, they don’t have candy in their boxes anymore! What a disappointment. I ended up tweeting them asking them why. Apparently the glass jars broke in the mail. Mine never did. Send’em on over to me! I love jelly bellys.

My second TopBox opening. Loving the products inside.

 I have a ton of new videos lined up to film this week. I’m thinking of doing a haul video on some clothing items I bought, as well as my haul, and maybe if my Luxe Box Loose Button comes in today, I’ll film that tonight!

Stay tuned, but for now—enjoy the videos :)

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It’s been a while since my friend Tanya did an OOTWW collaboration on my blog. Her and I have a very similar sense of style. I’m often more envious of the ways she puts together her outfits. My favorite is definitely Monday’s. I’m still trying to master the skirt/tights/boot look. Whenever I do it, it just looks out of place. I want that skirt. I also wanted to let you know since I was concerned the first three days. She does have multiple pairs of those artizia tights :) ha!

Here is my OOTWW:

(click image to enlarge)

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OOTWW — Featuring Tanya!

Surprise! It’s my good friend Tanya sporting the outfit of the work week (OOTWW) this Friday! I’ve talked about Tanya a lot on this blog. I think I usually refer to her as my running/crossfit/climbing buddy and probably don’t refer to her in her first name.

But now you can put a face to the … nickname? I love all Tanya’s OOTD’s for this week, don’t you love her white blazer? Oh and the boots. It’s probably because we both have the same taste in style and clothing. What outfit of Ta’s are your favorite? Also, vote below if you want to see more of Tanya’s OOTWW posts, I definitely do!

I’ve ordered some similar riding boots online, they’ll be delivered to my place in no time… then I’ll have to get boot dryers, if I get them wet, which I don’t intend to.

Which outfits of Tanya did you like? I think Tuesday and Wednesday are my favs. I love Thursday’s jacket too.

Also make sure you stay tuned for my OOTWW coming tomorrow morning.

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