Summer rain

I absolutely love not having weekend plans, where I can just sleep in and eat a late breakfast brunch and relax. I have no chores to do since I did them all on Thursday evening.

I made myself some egg muffins, a sweet potato which I cooked in the microwave for 7 minutes (pierced) and two small peaches from the farmers market with a big starbucks mug filled with water.

Right now a big ol’ rain storm is coming through and I’m here in my PJs watching it. Have to unplug all the electronics shortly.

I just gave Alfie another hair cut. His hair grows like wildfire and needs it cut about once a month to maintain his image ;) Alfie smiles

He’s checking it out for himself.Alfie admiring his haircut I wonder if he approves of the layers I cut with the blunt crayola scissors. I was going to trim his nails because I can hear them clacking on the floor again when he walks. But I lost the tool. Lucky him. I feel so bad when I tell him it’s time to clip his nails. He hates those words and cowers on the floor waiting for me to pick him up and bring him out on the balcony where I cut them.

Hope you have a great Saturday afternoon!

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New hairdo

I got my hair cut and colored on yesterday evening after work. I honestly haven’t let anyone dye my hair after my mad experience back in February 2011. In fact my hair stylist and I broke up. Since then I’ve been going to this great master stylist who has been trimming my hair since, so I could grow it out to my ideal length.

The bad thing is, he charges  $70+ to do my hair, and all I’ve been getting out of it was a “dusting” cut. Literally cutting off the minimum to clean up my ends every 14 weeks. Dude I can’t afford that, nor do I wish to pay it if I was rich.  Last time I got it cut by master-stylist-dude was back in July when I showed you some before/after photos in that blog post.

My coworker L, always has great hair color even though her hair is a completely different color than mine (her’s is blonde). Speaking of which, I went blonde for about a day a few years ago. Big mistake.

L recommended her hair stylist who is very inexpensive but does great hair. I’ve seen the results, so I was confident going into my appointment. A few nights building up to me getting my hair done, I had a nightmare about this new stylist! Isn’t that insane? I dreamed that she cut my hair all off, and left one of those 80’s rats-tail by the side of my hair… and it was bright red. What a weird dream. Guess I honestly was really worried, haha!

I know people have said that hair grows back, you shouldn’t get attached. Blah de blah blah. But seriously? It’s my hair, I am attached and I get disappointed very easily.

I decided, in order to avoid disappointment, I was going to get very specific with this new hair girl. I arrived, and took off my rain coat, and brought in the printed out looks I’ve loved, and looked I’ve hated too, just so she would get a little hint of that I’m interested in. I mean, no ones a mind reader, right? I wanted my hair to have a slight change, nothing crazy since I hadn’t dyed my hair in 1.5 years so I forgot what it’d be like with a bit of color on me. This is the outcome:

Before and After photos. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how bad your hair really did look, until the after pics. I didn’t wash it the morning of, and just straightened it. Looks so dishevelled.

From the photos, and I suppose in “real life” you can’t exactly tell a huge difference. But the ends are now the same color as everywhere else, and I’m happy.

I’d definitely go back to her. Even if she does have her hair salon in a sketch basement.

How often do you get hair cut?

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Hair cut: Before & After

I went and got my hair cut today at my favorite (for now) salon. I’ve been growing my hair since last August, when I got a real good hair cut. Since January I’ve been babying my hair and have been trying not to use as much heat on it as I used to. This means putting away my hair straightener and trying to maneuver a hair brush and blow dryer to get the style I want. You can see what I put in my hair by reading my hair care routine, which needs to be updated.

Cut right off, in August.

In order to make my hair grow longer, I don’t go in for a regular trim every 6-8 weeks. I try and make it as long as 13-14 weeks.

My hair has grown quite a bit since then, and you can tell in one of my recent YouTube videos, how long its gotten. Forgive the blue/yellow-ness of the photo. I was feeling lazy and didn’t feel like editing it just for this post.

My ideal hair length is about two inches longer than it is now. There after, I plan on keeping it that length for a while and then probably doing some fun things with it. Like getting the courage to dye it again after my hair disaster back in early 2011. Don’t worry, that hair stylist and I broke up abruptly.

So here is my hair cut as of just about an hour ago. Before and After pictures. Always fun to see how much he trimmed off.

For my hair’s future, I came across the Box No. 216 website with all sorts of hair styles and dye jobs. I’ve saved this specific page on my e-mail and plan on bringing it into my hair stylist to replicate in the next year or so. Hey, I’m a slow mover… I think that’s fair after everything I went through with my poor hair.

Image Source

I think the model has the same type of hair as I do, not too much hair but enough… either way, I really like the baby blonde hair at the ends, and not all over. A nice brown on top. Similar to what I have now. I definitely do not want these caramel highlights though. I wonder if I should bring those photos in too to tell him what I don’t want. Decisions.

My hair is serious business. I’m tellin’ ya. Nobody compares to my old hair stylist back home, Ron. He gave me some great hair throughout the years… some crazy colors, some beautiful layers.

(click to enlarge)

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