I gave up… for a little while

I feel like I need to pop in here towards the end of the week and sit down and chat with you guys. It has been ages since I’ve done a post like this and told you what’s going on in my life at the moment. Today feels like Wednesday. I think it’s because we had a professional development day at work on Monday and we didn’t have to officially work.

Girls weekend in BuffaloI still haven’t managed to publish my girls weekend post yet. It was a memorable weekend and even weeks after we went, I still find myself laughing in my office all by myself about what went down those few nights in Buffalo.

Each Monday I used to post my workout routine from the previous week. To be completely honest I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon and haven’t been to CrossFit on a regular basis. But what I have been doing is going out for very light runs around my neighbourhood with my new wave riders sent to me from Mizuno.mizuno running shoes

I gave up running for a little while but I think it was because I dislike timing myself on runs. I tend to want to be self-competitive and beat my time each time I go out for a run. I need to learn to chill the heck out and just enjoy being out there in the freezing cold. Actually, it’s not that bad since I don’t run far (no more than 6km). I always thought I’d be a fair weather runner, and last year around this time I started running again with a coach up until January … with snow on the ground and running through snow storms each Sunday! It was amazing.

snow jogSee the snow?!

Do you know what someone needs to invent? A wireless wifi ipod. Or something like that. Wifi needs to be everywhere so I can listen to audiobox live (house music internet radio station based out of Montreal) on my ipod. That would be great. Thanks. Any inventors reading my blog? I’d totally buy that.

The Boyfriend and I went to see the 3D movie Gravity on Tuesday night. CHEAP NIGHT. Only time to go. I’ve heard a lot of iffy things about that movie. It made some people nauseous and others have a anxiety. I try to not to have any preconceived notions about movies before I go in. I’m not going to ruin anything for you, but I did really enjoy it and my finger nails are all bit off. That’s the sign of a good movie.

Let’s be real. I just go to the movies to have a popcorn. I really could care less of what movie I see as long as I can eat the delicious popcorn. Ha ha! When I was home in Newfoundland I saw the movie “Meet The Millers” which I thought was pretty funny. Has anyone seen that?

I have to update my wordpress. It’s making me. But I first need to back up my website in case anything goes wrong. Does anyone know how to do that? Please help me in the comments if you know how! I haven’t done it in a number of years.

Okay back to fitness. I’ve also been volunteering at the climbing gym a lot more often so I can get another free month membership. They’ve expanded the place and now it’s massive and so fun. That and they have a weight room in there with a TREADMILL. The only reason I don’t have a gym membership is because I love CrossFit too much. But CrossFit needs to have a treadmill. I need to get The Guy climbing again. I think he went with me once. When we weren’t even dating. 8 years ago. Maybe I made that up and he’s never been climbing with me. Either way, he needs to get on them walls. You don’t even need a belayer (someone to hold your rope) anymore guys. There’s a few auto-belay things set up on some of the walls there. It’s unreal. I’m half afraid of them.

I went on a shopping trip to Sephora when they had the VIB sale (which ends/ended today). I made two purchases, in store and online so once my online order comes in I’ll show you what I bought. Alfie seems to like Sephora too ;)good boy

Until next time folks. But I will leave you with this: How To Be A Nice Blogger by my buddy Julie! julie-nowell-and-i

What’s new with you?

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My CrossFit Journal (Year 2 Week 30)

I went to CrossFit once last week. But climbed (bouldered) twice, which was a nice change.

[older crossfit journal entries]


year 2, week 30, day 1

Behind Neck Split Jerk

12 KBS; 24/16kg
200m Run

I ended up using these weights for the behind neck split jerk: 55-60-65-70-75lbs. My neck is definitely sore from cushioning the weight but still slamming it down occasionally. Oof sore.

Then it was time to do the AMRAP 15. I didn’t do the handstand pushups, but did a modified on with my toes on a 24″ box and my butt up in the air. I completed 5 full rounds in the 15min time limit.


I‘m finally starting to climb more than an hour now. It’s funny because I have callouses on my palms from CrossFit, but I need them on my fingers for climbing — so getting them back was a bit difficult and my hands were sore the first few times I climbed this month. Still sticking to bouldering as I haven’t really seen any of my buddies (I go at odd times — like on my lunch break or directly after work).

I have another blog post coming up this morning which is more beauty related. So if you’re interested in that, check back in about a half hour :)

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My CrossFit Journal (Year 2 Week 28)

This isn’t really a CrossFit journal from last week because I ended up at the climbing gym more often than the CrosssFit box. I renewed my monthly membership at the climbing gym because I’ve missed it so much. I’ve only really been bouldering but still building up my endurance on the powerhouses of boulder caves. Just sticking to extremely easy problems and just climbing up and down climbing without stopping until my forearms feel pumped so much I need to jump off the wall.

[older crossfit journal entries]


year 2, week 28, day 1

Even: 3 C2B Pull up + 2 Strict Pull ups
ODD: 30sec V-Out Hold (accumulative hold)

3 Rounds (12min T.L.)
400m Run
21 KB Swings; 24/16kg
21 Box Jumps; 24/20

I did end up ding the Rx for the three rounds but I didn’t end up completing it all in the twelve minutes. I don’t even recall how far I got (definitely in the second round lol) because I failed to write it down. Oops.


Then I climbed two different nights.

Kind of a boring update for my readers, I realize that. But Monday’s are usually like this – to keep myself updated on what I accomplish throughout the weeks. Plus, I can always look back and see what I did from week-to-week and move up in weight at CF if I feel like it. Know what I mean? :)

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