Fitness recap

I have been far too lax on my workout routine, so much so my tight pants have started to remind me that I need to do more exercising and not just fiddle around at the gym and hope for the best.

fitness recapThe other week I’ve decided to write down my athletics in a notebook to keep myself accountable. If I see a day where I didn’t get the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day, I don’t beat myself up over it. I just walk Alfie extra long on his business-duty for the evening.

Each week, I’ll do a fitness recap on my blog — Tuesday seems like a good day as any? I’m missing my CrossFit weekly workouts that I used to do. I’m scared of re-joining. It’s been since January since I have done a WOD and I’m just a wuss right now.

bouldering, LaSportiva, Katana'sI got a membership to Planet Granite climbing (which has CrossFit & Yoga classes!!!) gym this weekend, so I’m heading down there a few times per week.

Alright, getting’ into it. This one will be a little longer because I kind of want to backtrack at my workouts. Then we’ll be back to a regular weekly schedule.

Friday May 16: 2 mile run

Saturday May 17: 3 mile run

Sunday May 18: 2 mile run

Monday & Tuesday May 19-20: Off

Wednesday May 21: 3 mile run

Thursday May 22: Climbing for 3 hours with Ellen!

Friday May 23: 2 mile run

Saturday May 24: Bouldering for 2 hours

Sunday May 25: Hiking up some mountain, for 2 hours in some random city

You may notice I don’t like to run more than 3 miles at a time. In fact, 2 miles is my sweet spot.

RunAfter a long long break from running, I can fully run 2 miles without stopping again. 3 miles, no way buddy. I have to stop about 3-4 times in that last mile. Wish I wrote down my times. I’ll do that this week, to keep track. Still definitely nowhere where I want to be. I do recall one of my 3 milers finishing at 31:30, which is not cool in my brain. When I was running with my friend Tanya back in the day, we were running 27-28 minute 5k’s. That’s where I want to be, and I want to start running slower, for longer distances. That’s where my mentality issues kick in. Oh negative talk.

I have a huge love/hate relationship with running.

post run faceThen people tell me, if I hate it so much why do I keep doing it? Plain and simple, I actually crave it. It’s easy for me to jump on the treadmill and go — but it’s hard for me to maintain any length of distance. I hate that it’s hard, and I hate that I get so winded after 2-3 miles. So if I truly hated it, I clearly wouldn’t do it, would I? That’s just silly. For instance, I despise biking. It hurts my you-know-what, so I never ever go to spin classes nor do I own a bike. My husband makes up for my lack of bikes though ;)

Planet Granite BoulderingI’m heading back into the climbing gym later this morning so I can work on getting some strength back. I can top rope more difficult routes fine, it’s just the bouldering strength I’d like to have back, and it’d be nice to be able to do my party trick again ;)

Come back tomorrow, because I’ll be posting something I’ve never done before! Ooo!

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Climbing at Planet Granite

Plante-GraniteClimb number two is complete. I mentioned last week I was heading out to Planet Granite to climb with my new buddy, Ellen.

She’s the blog reader turned friend, who contacted me out of the blue to see if I wanted to meet up for a climb last month. Of course I said yes.Ellen-Nancy

It makes me incredibly happy to get a few hours of climbing in, and I’m hoping to become a regular at some point, as the gym isn’t too far from our house. I’m thinking of getting either a 10 clip pass or a monthly membership to the gym, since it includes CrossFit, Yoga, and Climbing. I’ve only climbed in a handful of gyms in Newfoundland and Ontario, but Planet Granite is the biggest climbing gym I’ve ever been at.

Given the fact it’s 25,000 square feet with tons of bouldering, 60 foot walls, 110+ top ropes, there are so many areas and “rooms”. This is one of the areas where we like to climb a few easy routes to warm up our muscles. It’s also where you can purely crack climb or get claustrophobic and climb into a closed space as you can see in the left picture below. Not for me, especially if it’s rated harder.crack-climbing

I couldn’t capture the essence on how huge the place was. They have a spot off to the side with a yoga room, an area for weights, treadmills and even a decent sized gear shop. Plus the staff are super friendly — which is pretty even across the board. Every climbing gym I’ve been to, staff have been awesome.

Notice how there isn’t any tape on top rope climbs? I found it a little strange at first, but you simply follow the colour of the holds rather than the tape. They tape the routes for boulder problems, though. Plante-Granite-gym

Can’t believe we managed to climb for a solid three hours. My hands were only beginning to get sore by the time we were done, which I’m surprised considering how long it’s been since I’ve pulled on plastic.

It’s great that Ellen and I are on the same level of climbing, where we both can easily climb 5.10’s. I attempted the yellow 5.11b in the picture below, getting a few moves up and failing miserably. I might give it another go on fresh hands next time.

Here I am below, deciding to get out of my comfort zone and getting ready to climb a very stemmy 5.9. 59-climb

Those routes scare me a little, since your legs and arms are sprawled openly like you’re climbing up a chimney. I don’t trust my arms mantling (even though those are some of my favourite moves) feel like I’m going to fall and scrape my face off the wall.stemming

For my birthday last year, Scott got me a pair of Lasportiva Katana’s, which I’ve still yet to break in. When I headed to the gym late last week, I made sure to wear them for a few routes.

There’s even a freakin’ slackline set up in the back of the building which Ellen and I had a go at. The ground was covered in rubber bits to soften your falls.Slack-lineI haven’t been on a slackline in a few years, and never been good at it. However it was fun to give it another go. Justin did a great post last year on 5 reasons you should slackline, I agree 100% on all the points he makes.

Hoping to meet up with Carla after school’s out to have a climb at the Planet Granite SF location, which overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge on some routes. Crazy!?!

Have you ever climbed?
If you live around the Bay Area, I’d love to take you!

Are you afraid of heights?
After all these years of climbing, I am still terrified of heights.

When climbing, do you like to boulder, or top route (or something else?)
I love top roping since I’m more of a technical climber than a powerful one. I reserve bouldering for when I don’t have a climbing buddy.

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Climbing out of my comfort zone

I think I will always be a little shy. I’ll never truly grow out of it. Which is why I did something out of the ordinary for me, two days ago.

Last week, I received an e-mail from a long time reader of my blog, introducing herself as someone who lives sort of close to me in the Bay Area. She knew I was a climber, and suggested we meet up and go for a climb at the local indoor rock climbing gym. It caught me a little off guard since I never receive e-mails from readers, let alone a reader wanting to hang out with me! That, and she never left a comment on my site before so I didn’t really know who I was meeting. We added each other to Facebook first, so at least I had an idea as to what she looked like :)

It took me a few days to get the courage to write her back and tell her I’d join her at Planet Granite for a climb. I AM SO GLAD I DID. I was totally on the fence for a moment there. I mean I’d be afraid to contact a person who’s blog I’ve been reading, asking them to hang out — it’s not something I’d think to do. I’m just not that outgoing! I’d be so afraid of rejection hahaha.

Looking back, I wished we had taken a few photos together, or at least a photo of the place inside so I could show you how amazing “my” new climbing gym is. I can’t wait to go back already. You’ll have to deal with this selfie, that I took after we climbed for a few hours.climbHer and I are on the same climbing level. Meaning, we climb the same route-difficulty as one another. Which is such a good thing to find in a climbing partner. It’s not as much fun when you climb with someone who is just a beginner, where you have to teach them technique and ways to position themselves, or someone who is a powerhouse and can climb 5.13’s with ease. That being said, I’m surprised at how strong I still am. Considering I haven’t really climbed hard, and regularly for about 10 months. So I managed to do one (or two) 5.10a’s that afternoon and it felt amazing. #StillGotIt

Next time, I’ll take photos while inside. I think I’ll head in for a bouldering session within the next few days. Already itching to get back at it.

Have you ever tried rock climbing?

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