Flashback: Christmas parties!

I dug up some work Christmas party photos from my current work place.  I’m not sure that I went to the Christmas Party my first year of getting hired. It may have coincided with Scott’s party. Also, my first year up in Ontario back in 2006 — well  it was a really bad photo and I don’t want to share it. It was when I was working for an internet marketing company at that time, I curled my hair and the photographer photoshopped some of my curls out, so it looks really weird. Plus, I had just gotten my braces on. Mess of wires everywhere. So, we’re starting from 2008.

Side note. I love those coconut earrings I’m wearing in the second photo. I can’t wear them anymore since I lost the earring backs for them. Eugh.




Doesn’t Scott get hunkier every year? Teehehe.


Unfortunately he wasn’t there this year for the 2011 Christmas Party as he was out of town, but I went anyway! 

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Inexpensive gift ideas

Sometimes you have to buy presents for people you don’t really know all that well. In which case you’re in dire need of something generic, but not too generic of a gift.

I bought a present for an acquaintance’s wife who I’ve met maybe a handful of times. We’re invited to her birthday. Well, it’s good that I knew straight where to go. We have a local boutique that sells cute scarves for cheaper than H&M or any place in the mall.

All scarves are $10, so I ended up picking this one out. I don’t want to unravel it, but it’s nice!

Did you know that the dollar store is a great place for wrapping paper, gift bags and ornaments? Seriously, so adorable and super cheap.

This is what I picked up from the dollar store. Including those Christmas bulbs!

I think I did pretty well, the entire gift/wrapping/card cost me an entire $13! 

Look how nice it turned out! I’m impressed with myself.

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Christmas gift basket – for a good cause!

Why hello there…

I have a special blog post for you all today. Something I always look forward to receiving.

This is my third Gourmet Gift Basket (see one and two) that I have gotten to review on my blog. If you remember last December I reviewed a Gourmet Gift Basket that was full of great treats. Well, a few months ago I was contacted again by the company and I decided to stick to what I knew I enjoyed and loved last time, which is the Christmas Gift Basket Classic.

It retails for $59.99. I’m diggin in!

MY FAVORITE. Their chocolate chip pecan cookies. These are the first to go in our household.

Tons of chocolate goodies. Every girl’s dream.Chocolate, popcorn, peanut crunch? All, to die for. That’s my crazy face for Let’s dig in now! No more photos!

Hey, what? Alfie! What are you doing in there? Guess he wants some of our Gourmet Gift Basket as well. Ha! Too bad, not dog friendly.

Unfortunately, I do not have a giveaway to offer my readers this time. However, if you would like to take part and give a donation to the Military (no purchase necessary! Just a blog post!).  All you have to do is review the selection of these Christmas Gifts on your own blog. The topic of the blog post should discuss their Christmas gift selection and how great of a gift it would be for someone. For every blog post written about the Christmas Gift selection — Gourmet Gift Basket will donate two care packages to the Military on your behalf.

Please note that the Military Donation blog posts should be posted between November 21 — December 9.

Leave it in the comments below to let me know if you have written a blog entry on the baskets. Then I can forward it back to my contact person at Gourmet Gift baskets by December 14 so he can make sure that all the care packages being donated can reach the soldiers in time for Christmas.

Doesn’t that just warm your heart? I hope you end up participating! :)

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