Weekend Recap

I know it’s Tuesday and a little late. But I still wanted to get up a weekend recap blog post for you guys. Seeing how I had a little more fun than usual this weekend.

Only shopping can get me out of bed at 6:30am on the weekends. That was my plan on Saturday. Dressed for the occasion. I love it when the weather cooperates and you can choose between pants or shorts and be comfortable either way. That’s my favorite kind of weather.

ootd-satOutfit deets: Smart Set cardigan, Dynamite tank, Cassis belt, Joe Fresh capris, Ardene sunnies, Zara handbag.

I got on the Greyhound bus and once getting to Toronto I did some damage at Holt Renfrew, Anthropologie, Sephora and Forever 21 (their $3.80 camisoles are now on for $1.80). All of my favorite stores. I filmed a YouTube video but when I replayed it back, my bra was showing the entire time. Awkward. I may still upload it. No shame here.

I was inside the Anthropologie store for a good hour and forty five minutes. At one point I had 18 items in the change room with me. If I had a gazillion dollars to spend, I would’ve bought this dress for $198. It was pretty on, but not worth it for that prize. I also had on a size zero which was kind of nuts seeing as I’m usually a 4. Have to admit, I loved seeing that tiny number on the dress and having it fit well. Paleo probably had something to do with it.dress at anthro

I bought two tops (first one in blue / can’t find the second)and this soap dish which I plan on using on my desk once I get it properly organized.


At Sephora the Philosophy crew were launching a new product. 5 weeks before any other Sephora, so I sat down and had a chat with the Philosophy rep’s that were there, explaining my favorite products by them all while learning about some new one’s too. I picked up a new eye cream. I was told the Miracle line is the next one to go to after Hope. I don’t want to discontinue my usage of Hope In a Jar, so I didn’t bother getting the face cream. Instead, I opted for the Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Aging Retinoid Eye Repair. Mouthful. I also picked up the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation that I’ve been dying to buy since I heard so many rave reviews on it in the last few months. I had a sample of it during my last visit to Toronto and really enjoyed the unusual texture. So I bought it.Giorgio-Armani

Funny little story. When I was at the cash register, the sales rep dropped the bottle of foundation on the floor and it smashed. Luckily it didn’t fly onto my white pants. But I thought I had picked up the last bottle in that particular shade (4.5), and I was getting a little worried. Thankfully another Sephora rep went out back and got me another new one. Whewf. Crisis averted. First world problems. Sephora-haul

Finally Philosophy is starting to do a gift-with-purchase, like all other brands (Clinique, and Lancome for instance). If I bought any Philosophy product that day, I got a pink satin bag full of Philosophy travel sized items. This made me a very happy shopper.Philosophy-gift

I went into Holt Renfrew shortly after that. I dread going in there because the sales associates work on commission and I always seem to get the same little lady. Always. Never fails. Out of the 5x I’ve been in there to buy this Bobbi Brown eye cream, I’ve had her 3x.Bobbi-Brown-Extra-Eye-Repai

I know her routine now. She compliments you, which lures you in — makes you in a better mood and perhaps opens your eyes to more purchases. I know so. Happens every darn time. Anyway, she wanted me to spend $35 on a bunch of high end samples. Like a gift with purchase. Except its a purchase with purchase. No thanks. Got my $$$ eye cream, and that’s enough. I must have a complex with eyes. I don’t know how I got into eye creams, nor why I bought two on that very day. But hey, I’m good for about 14 months now seeing how each bottle of this Bobbi Brown lasts a good 6-7mths. Only need a dab.  Bobbi-Brown-eye-cream

Afterwards I was due to meet some friends for lunch at Hot House Cafe down on Church Street. I already scoped out the menu before hand so I knew I was going to order the Warm Chicken Salad without onions. salad hot house cafe

It was as good as it looks. I’m pretty sure it was 100% paleo too. Success. This was grabbed from their online menu: Warm Chicken Chicken breast, orange wheel, cucumber, cherry tomato, pickled red onion, onion sprouts, mixed greens and a pear and guava dressing.

We had a great time catching up over the last three years, and I’ve never met Amy before, so that was fun! Amy, Noreen, Kaylee and myself freaking out. The usual.nancy freaks

Wait. Here’s a better picture. ;) We all met up again because Kaylee is from New Brunswick and flew up here with Scott and their two adorable and hilarious girls. Noreen is the first person to ever show me how to work the Toronto subway system when I first moved to Ontario. I met her back in 2006 when I was heading in for an interview in Toronto and we got lost together in the city, ha!blurry girls

I spent a good 12 hours in the city and by the time I was on the Greyhound back home I was definitely pooped out. My legs and feet were tired from walking the streets of Toronto all day long. But I had such a fun time! Let’s do it again next weekend, ha ha!

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Favorite moisturizers and cleansers

I have a handful of spa gift certificates to this local place, just sitting around my apartment waiting to be used. I’m just so scared and undecided what I should get done at the spa. Sometimes I think I want a facial, other times I want to get my hair dyed there. I’d get something simple like a mani/pedi but their prices are far too exuberant for my liking. Plus I love the lady I go to.

It all boils down to me being chicken but really wanting to get some sort of facial thing done. So, I’m slowly stepping into the realm of doing things myself before I waltz into a fancy spa and ask for a hydrating or peel-like facial. Is that backwards? I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t know much about skin care, other than moisturizing. I love to cleanse and moisturize the heck out of my skin. Perhaps that’s why people tell me I look like I’m 10 years younger than I actually am. That, or it’s the genes.

There’s just two must-have’s in my skin care regime. It’s my cleanser, and eye moisturizer believe it or not. Unfortunately they’re both pretty high end products but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s just what works.

Purity by Philosophy is the cleanser that I use. I bought the ginormasized bottle at Sephora, because it’s works out to be cheaper to get the larger sized, of course. It’s a very gentle cleanser, I can get it straight in my eyeball and it doesn’t sting. Nor does it make my skin feel tight, or dry afterwards. Bonus.

My face moisturizers vary from each time I go out and purchase one. I haven’t found anything that I love yet. But what I do really enjoy, is my Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair cream. It’s definitely a splurge for me and I can only find it at Holt Renfrew in Toronto. Sephora does carry Bobbi Brown products, just not that certain eye cream. It’s a very thick, luxurious eye cream and lasts about 6 months if you buy the full sized version.

I am mourning over my empty jar of Bobbi Brown extra eye repair cream that I just finished the last week of September. I remember buying it in February — see what I mean? Lasts a long time, all you need is just a dab. Applying too much moisturizer is a waste, only so much cream can soak into your face.

Not to worry, I went to Holt Renfrew last weekend and picked up a new extra eye repair cream :)

I’m always testing out and trying new products to add to my must-have collection. The next product I decided to try out was Philosophy’s micro exfoliating triple acid brightening peel pad. Wow, that’s a mouthful.

I exfoliate my skin pretty often because I self-tan a few times a month. Slothing off all that dead skin is a must, especially since I’m prone to spots of mild eczema and of course self-tanner coming off — you don’t want to have splotchy skin.

You’ll notice that each pad is individually wrapped which is great since it’s very sanitary. If it was just in one package, the pads stay much more fresh since they’re not getting exposed to the air.

The price point of these makes me want to cry, and I’m glad I ended up getting them to review here on my blog for you guys — otherwise I most definitely would’ve walked right past it at Sephora!

Don’t get caught off guard. The name of these are much scarier than the actual product. You think “peel” as in red, blotchy skin and your dead skin flakes off and you need to take a day off from work. No. These are so much more gentler than that, and it honestly just felt like a cold toner on your face.

The directions mentioned that you could use this pad, not only over your face but on the back of your hands, elbows and knees if desired. I didn’t do that, so instead just focused on my face. The first few things I immediately noticed about using the micro exfoliating triple-acid brightening peel

  • It was chilly and refreshing on my face.
  • My face wasn’t irritated! Yay!
  • My sensitive skin didn’t feel tight after applying it.

I didn’t notice any brightening the first time I used it, but are you really going to see a dramatic change the first time you use something? No. I did use 5 of the pads throughout the course of five weeks. So I’m following directions appropriately at once a week use. It claims that after two uses, skin is smoother and brighter. After 4 uses, fine lines and sun damage are visibly diminished. Thankfully I’m not at the age where I have sun spots or damage. My fine lines around my eyes are noticeable when I smile, and I’m pretty sure they’re non-reversable. But that’s besides the point. I did enjoy using them since it does help remove dead surface skin cells and promotes a faster rate of cell turnover. Which ultimately helps enhance your skins brightness. This is why you should exfoliate folks! You need to sloth off those dead cells in order for your skin to glow.

To be honest? Are they worth the hefty price tag at Sephora? Right now, I’m unsure due to the fact that I don’t have any other exfoliator to compare to.

Have you ever used an at-home facial treatment?

What is your favorite cleansers and  moisturizers?

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Wishlist: Bobbi Brown everything


One of my all time favorite high end products to use on my face is Bobbi Brown cosmetics. I blogged about their Holiday 2012 collection a few months ago, and now I’ve created a wish list for myself, of Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Hey, it’s getting close to Christmas. No harm in creating a list now is there? :)

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream ($68 USD/ $75 CAD). Huge fan of this thick, luxurious eye cream and I don’t mind spending the money on it. My jar of it ran out a few weeks ago and I just haven’t gone to Holt Renfrew in Toronto to pick another one up. My jar ended up lasting me seven months. A good investment I say, at just $10/month for it! They sell other Bobbi Brown cosmetics inside Sephora stores, but not the eye repair cream. I may not even wait for Christmas to get this, because it’s such a great moisturizer. I used it twice a day under and around my eyes. It’s a great base underneath under eye concealer as well since it doesn’t get my makeup crepey or flaky. Available at Holt Renfrew, or Bobbi Brown.com.

Bobbi Brown 24k Shimmer Brick. This product is limited edition, but Bobbi Brown always comes out with some great shimmer bricks. I’m always swatching them when I’m inside Holt Renfrew. It’s a lust-after product by yours truly. I’m a huge fan of skin care over makeup, but when it comes to makeup I’m all about foundations, and making your skin look the best possible. Having this shimmer brick adds a little glow to the cheeks. It’s perfect for all year round. Glowy skin doesn’t have to be just for the summer time! You can buy it on Sephora’s website for a limited time.

Bobbi Brown Extra Soothing Balm. I love diverse products and would love to give this product a try. I hadn’t heard of it until recently when I was on Bobbi Brown’s website and scoped out the Extra Skincare line. Love that you can use it on your cuticles (mine are always so gross looking, unfortunately and I literally need to put cuticle oil on them a few times per week), your heels (!!!), and even on your cheeks for a glow. Sign me up… I wonder if it’s available in Canada?

This is not a sponsored post.. psh, I wish it was. It’s just a wish list of mine!


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