My CrossFit Journal (Year 1, week 25)

Thanks to those who participated in my poll last week. I was questioning whether or not to do a post each time I work out, or save it all for Monday’s into one big ol’ collaboration.

The short:

  • CrossFit x 2
  • Running x 2


year 1, week 25, day one

Ring Dip:
max-max-max  (so annoying, I’m so bad at this) My legs were even still on the ground

Back Squat:
20 Minutes to Establish 3RM

I ended up back squatting 95lbs (!!!). We had a few minutes left and I tried to go for 105 and did one. So that’s awesome right? lol I can almost back squat my own weight, that’s ridiculous.

“Mad Cindy”
5 Pause Pullups
10 Clapping Push Ups
15 Jumping Squats

This WOD killed my arm pits, lol.


year 1, week 25, day two

15 Thrusters; 135/95lbs 55lbs
Run 200 meters
20 Thrusters; 95/65lbs 45lbs
Run 400 meters
30 Thursters; 65/45lbs 35lbs
Run 800 meters

This one was pretty tough. We just had an 18 minute time limit and I was on my last 800m run, and I think the buzzer went off just as I was coming back, finishing up my run. Not bad!


year 1, week 25, day three

Didn’t go to CrossFit but ran 6k with my co-worker. PROOF!


year 1, week 25, day four

Hilarious story. I was pigging out on junk food because my Boyfriend was away, and I decided to watch the documentary SUPER SIZE ME. Silly mistake. I was feeling already full and feeling like the dude was describing me as one of the folks he was talking about in the film. I had to pause the movie half way through and ended up going for a speedy 4.23km in 24:03! That’s clippin’ er. Mainly because it was almost 9pm at night, and in a sketch area of town and any random dude I passed, I pretended I had fresh legs and was feelin’ no pain. Though, I was feeling quite ill due to the popcorn and pizza sloshin’ around in my belly. It would’ve made for a “better” story had I have puked on the run. lol But thankfully I did not.

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My CrossFit Journal (week 37)

Since yesterday was my OOTWW and Friday was Tanya’s, today is my CrossFit journal posting. I’m still having difficulty finding the time to balance CrossFit and climbing together. I’m considering morning workouts at CrossFit, but I honestly don’t want to. I’m really not a morning person. I know you can train your body used to it, but do I really want to drive 10 minutes in the winter and work out at 6am? Meh…we’ll see. 


Week 37 Day 1.

Back Squat

I have a new personal record for my backsquat. Back in July, which was exactly 17 weeks ago I could only lift 80lbs for my max. Now I passed 85lbs and now my new max is 90lbs! I did five in total. I first bumped from 85lbs to 95lbs and could only do two and dropped the weight. So I put it back down to 90 and my depth was still there. Success!!!

I made a joke to myself and on Twitter that night, saying I can back squat your grandma. There are some really strong people at CrossFit. It’s amazing what some of the girls the same size as me can back squat. One girl was over 185lbs for hers. Insane, right??? I’d feel my quads would pop off if I did that lol



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