See and Be Seen. But also be exclusive

I love it when things are available for an exclusive amount of time, because everyone can’t get it. Then I feel all important that I have something “exclusive”.

But then again. I think of it, and I’m semi-sad that something can only be available for a limited amount of time. So I can’t say it will be a holy-grail product, or that you can get it at any time. Because for this set, you cannot. You need to bust your butt to Sephora and buy it now. That is, if you like make up.

The grass is always greener on the other side, as they say. Right?

For instance; The Seen and Be Seen kit is a limited edition makeup kit that will only be available at Sephora or online at for a few more weeks. Plus, one of the main reasons you should (well, not should per-say. But if you’d like to, then do it) purchase the kit is because of the great price. It’s an $80 value for a $57 ($44 USD) price tag. The most perffff opportunity to give Anastasia products a try. In fact, I’ve become quite familiar with Anastasia products. I use their Lash Genius on a daily basis to prevent mascara fall out at the end of the day. It works great and it comes off well with just my finger tips and a bit of my Philosophy facial cleanser.  I’ve also received previous Anastasia lip products in my beauty subscription boxes. I think Glymm gave them out a few months back with some clear brow gel. Anastasia’s See and Be Seen kit*

Anastasia’s See and Be Seen kit*

I loved the retro packaging they used to promote this kit!

Who remembers these personal slide show things from when they were a kid!? It brought back so many early childhood memories. I loved it!

There’s four great products. I think my favorite has to be the HydraFull glosses.

Everything came packaged up with Anastasia’s logo over it. Nice branding on their part.

Again. Limited edition colors, not available anywhere except the Seen and Be Seen Kit.

You can see on my hand how opaque the lip glosses are, when swatched. Click to enlarge the image above. The applicator of the lip glosses aren’t my favorite as they’re a plastic wand and not a brush or a sponge tip. But none the less I’ll work with it, and they’ve got a nice finish and below you can see them each on my lips.

HOLY. OPAQUE. I’m telling ya.

Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadows.

The  gorgeous eyeshadow duo with soft pink and golden hues. I’m a huge fan of naturals. Naturals are the easiest to wear for sure.

I actually swatched the eye shadow’s in Sephora when I spotted it there last week. They have the most creamy texture, it was a dream on the finger tips. The colors didn’t need that much swiping and had a ton of color just with one swipe of the finger.

Then we have the new caramel tinted Brow Gel. I’m not entirely sure how to use this product. I’m personally excited about the kit for the lip glosses and shadows. Do you just brush this on your brows like a mascara? I’d assume so. Kind of a neat product if you want your unruly brows to stay shapely. ha. Shapely. It’s like I’m talking about bodies. But I’m here talking about hair. On your face. Carry on folks…

I ended up giving the brow gel to my co-worker L McMomsie who is usually featured on my blog at least once a month. She has such blonde hair that the caramel color of this brow gel was absolutely perfect for her. L literally brushed it on her eyebrows and it made a noticeable difference, but not too out there. It looks good on her!

Anastasia’s See and Be Seen promo image*

Love the vintage ads they’ve designed for this exclusive (my new favorite word) kit.

What do you think of the kit being exclusive? Do you like the colors in the kit?

*Press photos were supplied by the PR company of Anastasia



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Not so necessary cosmetic haul

As mentioned, I went to Toronto on Saturday to meet up with Priya at Luminato where she was there working with Vichy.

Yay us!

After our meet-up I ended up going back towards the downtown core of Toronto and shopping mostly at the Eaton Centre. Normally, I’d head straight to Yorkville and do shopping there. But that routine usually happens the same way every time I visit the city. So I decided to stay at the mall for the majority of my day. Until I got lost a bunch of times. Then I had enough and went home ;)

I’ve never tried Victoria’s Secret cosmetics before, but due to me popping into the store unexpectedly during their Semi-Annual sale, I scored. Scored 50% off their makeup. Sweet. No welding equipment here, just beauty and cosmetic things!

All of the purchases. So many purchases. Unnecessary. But so fun.

VS Beauty Rush blush: dollface  // VS Concealer palette.

I have yet to try the blush, but the concealer palette is pretty waxing and difficult to use. I’m not sure I like it. Right now I’m using Sonia Kashuk hidden concealer palette that I LOVE.

VS Beauty Rush – Dazzleshine lip gloss.

Yves Saint Laurent lip products. So luxurious.

Glossy Stain and Lip stick, but reversed when swatched on my hand.

Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash, my go-to mascara.

Buxom lip glosses in the shades Katie, and Bunny. I’ve used so much of this lip gloss up that I thought I’d buy another shade. It has a really interesting formula on your lips. It gives a cooling sensation to the lips! Such a nice feeling.

The colors next to each other again.

Bobbi Brown foundation stick and a bronzer! I have the Bobbi Brown Luminous foundation which I now wear on a daily basis. It has a nice dewy natural finish to it. The foundation stick is a little more long-wearing and has more coverage.

Anastasia’s Brow Wiz in the color caramel. On the right you can see the smallest of strokes you can create with this. Last year, a guy at Sephora filled in my eyebrows and I liked the look so I decided to finally pick this up. He must have been a pro at it, because I can’t re-create this look at all. I’m questioning myself now to whether or not I picked up the correct color. I purchased Caramel, and I looked on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz site, and I’m confused. Maybe next time I’ll pick up Medium Ash??

If there’s anything you want me to elaborate more on, regarding my cosmetic haul. Let me know!

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