We both win

Ooooo I love prizes! Pam held a contest on her site. I WON… and the other day I received my package!

I love the t-shirt, the adorable necklace and …aww the magnets.

Okay. I guess I love everything

Now, I haven’t seen these “Sweet Moments” packages in stores at all, actually. That and the fact the coupon actually said valid only in the USA.So my win, is going to be another win, for another person located in the USA. It’s a coupon for a FREE one package of Pillsbury Sweet Moments Refrigerated Desserts. Anyone want it?

Comment away (USA only) and I’ll pick someone randomly at the end of the day/week/whenever. Clearly I have no real deadline,  and that’s ok.

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Brag about my mechanic

Remember this image? I photoshopped it way back when I didn’t have a car, and was eyeing this one. Ha!!

I go into my local auto-shop once or twice a year to get summer tires taken off and winters put on. The service I get is just great.  I don’t know how the owner remembers my voice even if I call from a different phone number. Either he’s good with voices, or I just have a really distinct voice. Either way, I called and asked him:

“Hey! I’d like to make an appointment to get my winter tires put on, please?”

He responds: “For your little mazda?”

YES! That’s me!!!!

He mentioned they were booking for Thursday or Friday of this week, but I told him “No this day [XX] in December please”  he laughed, I only assume because people are usually in a rush come the first snow fall (even though we haven’t had ours yet)  and want them on ASAP.

But that made me smile. Good customer service, I say. The only thing I don’t like about winter tires is that they don’t have nice rims. At least mine are black and not rotting silver color. I don’t want hubcaps either mainly because I don’t need them so why shell out the dough. I could use the money to shell out for some new cute riding boots.

When I lived in Newfoundland, we had studded tires. Up here it’s a bit different as studs on the tires are illegal.

Do you have winter tires for your car?

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