Goooooooood morning!

Random happenings:

  • Last night we had a 10:30PM soccer game. My ankle is getting a bit worse (the top part, where your shin meets the foot), hopefully my Chiropractor will fix this on Monday morning. We thought we won, but after the game the ref and the other team were talking to my goalie and we ended up tying 2-2. Lame.
  • Picked up my purolator notice from BF’s yesterday, as I still use that as my billing address … to pick up my registered letter for my PC MASTERCARD!!! (Free groceries!) Activating this, today!
  • My room mate is going to the states for the weekend (how exciting is that? I want to do a road trip) and I’ll be looking after her sweet cats.
  • I’ll also be staying at my boyfriends place all weekend (just three hundred meters away lol) and making asparagus wrapped in chicken tonight. MMMM.
  • Doing somewhat well on the No Buy Month. Boyfriend and I want to see the movie called Watchmen in Mississauga this weekend if the weather is good enough, so I may have to break my No Buy Month :-O oh nooo! Actually. We probably won’t end up going to Mississauga, plus I have enough points on my scene card that I can watch a movie for free.
  • I need to grocery shop. Badly. I’m not eating very well this week, which is probably resulting in me feeling like crap the whole week.

What’s everyone else got planned for the weekend? Sleep? :)

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What I did this weekend.

  • Stayed at Boyfriends place, all weekend.
  • Applied for a PC Mastercard, so I could get free groceries.
  • Watched countless PVR taped shows of What Not To Wear (and FFWD the commercials).
  • Contemplated doing my taxes. But didn’t.
  • Felt sick all day Sunday, but played our last game of soccer for the Sunday night league. (Until playoffs which is 5 more games, starting next week)
  • Slept a lot. A lot.
  • Thought about going to visit my parents friends who flew to Toronto for a conference. I would have stayed at the beautiful and very luxurious Royal York Hotel (The place to stay). But since it’s No Buy Month, I opted out for fear of spending money. Plus! I’d have to spend $25 to catch the bus there. THAT’S spending.
  • Played on my room mate’s Wii. SOOOOO fun, but I still suck.
  • Went to a movie with my room mate and her friend on Saturday (before the No Buy Month)
  • Took off my chipped, unsuccessful find of pink/white/sheer nail polish, and applied it again lightly. lol.
Exciting, no? I still feel like ick. My stomach is going wonky. 
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You! No buy!

February was initially supposed to be the no–buy month, on my list of things to accomplish for that month. But that was a poor, poor decision indeed. Rather than sulk at my chequing account, I still am doing pretty good with my down payment for a car. February was quite busy, as I had to pay for my outdoor soccer fees, a friend is coming to visit this weekend, whom I rarely get to see (Helloooo Toronto shopping!), and miscellaneous other stuff I spent money on.

Which leaves me to the longer month of March, it’s okay… only 3 days longer than February. But I think I will try super hard and not purchase anything for the month of March besides groceries, and bills. Bills not being anything on Visa and frivolous spending, however.

Think I can do it? Are you up for the challenge?

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