Wow, huge thanks!

Wow! I never suspected or even expected this much support and congratulatory comments when I announced that The Guy and I got married! Some of your comments even brought tears to my eyes, and that’s pretty hard to do. So thank you for all of your nice, kind, and supportive words to us. Of course we read each and every comment, tweet, instagram, and facebook message. It was so hard to keep up especially when I posted a ton of photos and a blog post on Facebook the same night.


I love my husband! :) I catch myself just looking at photos all the time.

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It’s coming soon!

Our big news recap is coming soon, I promise. I just can’t publish it on the blog yet until everyone close to us knows.

So instead I’m going to keep you on the edge of your seats and talk about my weekend.

amy and nancyOur marketing team went out to lunch yesterday. So I asked my boss to take a photo of Amy (her daughter and my coworker) and I with her new BlackBerry z10. Not sure about the quality of the pic, looks the same as my blackberry bold photos but whatev. I love the pic.

I also broke out my hat that I got as a Christmas present. It looks so fancy on me, but I love it. The car was hat

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