Wow, huge thanks!

Wow! I never suspected or even expected this much support and congratulatory comments when I announced that The Guy and I got married! Some of your comments even brought tears to my eyes, and that’s pretty hard to do. So thank you for all of your nice, kind, and supportive words to us. Of course we read each and every comment, tweet, instagram, and facebook message. It was so hard to keep up especially when I posted a ton of photos and a blog post on Facebook the same night.


I love my husband! :) I catch myself just looking at photos all the time.

I don’t even know where to begin, thanking the people who helped out. A personalized thank you card just doesn’t seem like “enough”. It’s still a shocker to me that we pulled off the wedding in 6 days. We must’ve broken some sort of record with that.

Our ceremony was intimate with a few family friends, definitely not the most traditional way to do things. But why does it have to be the way someone else envisions it? It doesn’t. We are both quite happy how it turned out. It’s what we wanted, and how we pulled it off in 6 days was pretty exceptional. I’ve never been the type of girl who always knew what her wedding dress/what time of year/ring/invitations/wedding day would look like. All I wanted was my Father to walk me down the aisle to The Guy, that’s all I ever needed. I’ve always been pretty laid back person (I think I am anyway!).

I’m really tickled pink that it happened during the my most favourite, and the most wonderful time of the year — Christmas! We plan on having a good ol’ newfie party for our wedding reception this summer, which I can only imagine will be so fun. Loves a good party.

IMG_6968I’m so glad there were tons of people helping us out because I honestly wouldn’t have known where to even start. Mrs W., asked if I wanted some flowers picked up from Costco for my bouquet. I didn’t even want a bouquet at first, but my Mom suggested gerber daisies —  I said, naaah let’s just do simple roses, and that was that. No fussin’ around right? I even overheard from a family friend he said it was the best wedding he’s ever been to. HAHA. Probably because he knew everyone there.

It’s getting to become real now. I gave my notice in at my local CrossFit box and they wrote back a very heartfelt message to me which made me a little sad. I won’t be at my original CrossFit gym for my 3rd year anniversary (end of February) of attending CrossFit. But again, who can say no to California, right? It’s another chapter in our lives and we get to start with another fresh clean slate once again. Which isn’t a huge deal to us since we both moved from Newfoundland to Ontario 8 years ago without knowing anyone up here. Who knows what the future will bring, it’s all about taking risks and jumping into the unknown. It’s so fun, it’s so scary, and it’s going to be an adventure that I can’t wait to take with my new husband.

Packing has started, and prospective tenants are coming already to look at the place, even though it isn’t available for rent until March 1. I do not have a difficult time purging my belongings, in fact I’ve donated a few garbage bags full of stuff. Where as The Guy on the other hand, I think I’m going to have to do a little convincing with him, as he still has clothes from the 90’s in the closet. What?!

I am going to continue to blog as much as possible throughout our move, but also I’m not sure when The Guy plans to cut our internet so if I disappear for a while, you know why.

Oh and I really want to talk about what beauty products I wore on my wedding day, and another post about some of these new Dior goodies I got. Stay tuned!

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