Capitola Beach

I have so much to talk about and tell you guys that I want to blog 7 days a week. I think that’s a little too much, so I’ll spread it all out, even if I’m a little behind.

Our friends from Guelph Ontario are here on vacation as they have family in San Jose. The Guy and I ate out at Chevy’s Mexican restaurant with them the other night, and on Wednesday I went with them and their two cute little girls to Capitola Beach.

We arrived around 11am and the beach was completely empty, and gusts of wind chilled us a little.

Capitola Beach, California, Bay Area, NorCalKinda reminded me of Newfoundland… due to the wind. :)

I wore my $8 jeans from Forever 21 (lightweight) and a tank top, so I was pretty comfortable.

We all hung out on the beach, building sand castles (I seriously nearly typed snow forts?!) and dipping our toes in the Pacific Ocean, then squealing and running away when the waves would catch us — it was chilly!

A few hours later the beach became busy with surfers (can you spot them?!) and people laying down on the beach.

It was hot enough at that point during mid-day that people could wear bikini’s and lay in the sand which was as soft as flour. I wanted to bring some home with me. But then I remembered I’m no longer a tourist, and I can probably go any time I want to grab some sand.

To be honest though I kinda wished I brought a plastic baggie so I could take some for my plant. Ha ha.

After grabbing some pizza for lunch, re-applying sunscreen, the kids went back to the beach with their father and my friend and I browsed around the little town and shops of Capitola.

St. John’s Helpful Shop! For those that don’t know, I’m from St. John’s, Newfoundland so it was pretty awesome to see that!

We spent over half the day in the beautiful town then finally deciding on grabbing some ice cream. Or our case, Gelato, from this amazing authentic Italian gelato spot in Mountain View called Gelato Classico. I’ve been there twice already, and the gelato is just tremendous with unique flavours like Honey Lavender, Green Tea. I usually stick to my old fav, Chocolate Hazelnut. Luckily, it’s not too far of a drive from where we live.

When’s the last time you went to the beach?

Do you prefer beaches, or mountains?

What flavour ice cream or gelato do you go for?

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We were celebs for an evening

Continuing on the San Francisco adventures, Patrick and I walked through China town just browsing the streets and loved looking up at the beautiful lanterns. China-Town-San-FranciscoCan’t walk by a fancy McDonalds in San Francisco and not photograph it! We debating stopping in for an iced coffee but changed our minds due to the long line. I think it was a touristy area, that and considering the warm weather had people craving something cold to drink most likely.San-Francisco-McDonalds

Next time I pop into the city, I totally want to rent one of these Go Car’s. I’ve never seen such a thing like it. These guys were definitely tourists much like ourselves, and were having a hoot, honking and waving at people walking by. I yelled out to them and they waved. I didn’t catch them looking at me, as their light just turned green. But isn’t this hilarious? Look how tiny it is. It’s GPS guided, so if you haven’t a clue where you’re going – then it’s no problem!GPS-Go-Car

We weren’t too hungry come supper time, and Patrick asked me what I felt like doing. We finished walking through North Beach and my shoes were getting uncomfortable so I wanted to sit down and relax a little more since we walked around the bay area of the city all day long. It was still beautiful outside and we walked through Italy town looking for a patio or a place with tables outside where we could people watch and have some caffeine. We ended up at the Mona Lisa Ristorante.Mona-Lisa-Ristorante

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On my plate

Guess you can classify this as a “What I Ate Wedensday” sort of post. Except this is an accumulation of meals I’ve been eating since moving to the sunny state. The produce here in California is unreal. I’ve never been much of an orange eater, mainly because they’re not as flavourful and juicy as I’d like.

orangeI dug into one the other day and it was probably the best orange I’ve had in my entire life. Not even a little bit of an exaggeration. Those little orange suckers are just looking for a way in my shopping cart each week, I just know it. Sneaky buggers.

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