3 month postpartum favourites

A lot of new things happening from month 2-3! Ever since my Mom left California to head back to Canada, I’ve been keeping busy every.single.weekday. It’s been excellent getting out of the house every day. Otherwise it feels completely like that movie, groundhog day, because literally we’re on a 2-3 hour time schedule and it just repeats itself day in and day out…including night times.

So breaking up the day with a bit of an adventure each day really helps.

Just a few days ago I ended up going to a Mom’s Group that the hospital puts off (for free) from birth to 6mths, and I met a ton of new Mom’s there. Kind of a funny, maybe not so funny to other’s moment – but when I was doing my introduction with my name, my baby’s age and then his name – I almost blanked on his name and nearly forgot it! HAHAHA. Seriously how nuts? I think it’s because I avoid sharing his name/face all over social media, and I’ve gotten into the habit of calling him by his nick-name which isn’t anything remotely similar to his name at all. Anyway! Thought that was a bit of a funny story.

So, he’s 3 months old today, and he’s a big fella. He’s wearing a lot of 6-9 month clothes due to his ever growing height. I’m definitely understanding his needs a lot more. He’s like me and needs some quiet/alone time throughout the day. He’ll be completely content chilling out in his crib or bassinet alone for a half hour or so!

Ok, so I want to chime in here again and tell you some of our favourite’s we’ve been loving this month, and all throughout the past 3 months too that I’ve always forgot to include.

myBaby Sound Spa| For instance, this sound machine my neighbour gave him. It used to only be turned on for his nightly routine (and he smiles when he knows he’s being put to bed). I guess because he knows the routine down pat now and enjoys it all. I turn on the noise machine, either swaddle him or put him into a sleep sack (whichever is clean), sing a song, feed him then kiss him goodnight. But I’ve noticed to get him to nap successfully in the day outside of a car ride or in my arms I need to play this noise machine. It has a variety of settings, and I set it to the ocean waves one instead of the ‘white noise’ one. Helps me sleep too, honestly! lol.

Shark Steam Mop S1000A| I spose I could include this into postpartum favourites…why not right? I bought this on Amazon a few weeks ago, used it 3x and love it. Our house is mainly laminate flooring and I can’t use a ton of water on it (it’s not good for it). And I LOVE how easy this is. Wait, did they raise the price on this? I swear I only paid $39 for it a few weeks ago. Try and find it for cheaper if you can! All it requires is some water, no chemicals at all. And doesn’t leave streaks – but if it DOES, it means you just need to put on a new mop head (comes with two).

California Baby Sensitive Skin Cream| Still my favoutite, still going strong on that one jar I have. Not even half way through it yet. It says it’s unscented, but it has a mild (and really nice) natural fragrance to it. And it doesn’t bother baby’s skin, nor my weird skin (I have a ton of weird skin issues guys…)

Love To Dream Swaddle Up| Our baby either sleeps wrapped up in 2 swaddle blankets (because he busts out of one, need to double it up), or lately he’s been in this Love To Dream one that my old boss from Canada sent down in a care package for our baby. It’s flippin’ brilliant, and grows with baby when it’s time for a sleep-sack as the arms zip off. This is a bigger size though, and you can get smaller one’s, but as soon as they hit 13lbs they can go in this one.


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