Alfie leading the life of privilege

Alfie leading the life of privilege — Lexus (yes that fancy car company) reached out to us and offered the most expensive car I’ve ever driven, for not a week, but 11 flipping DAYS. We had it during out 4th American Thanksgiving holiday, so you bet we took advantage of having the Lexus RC F for a few nice long drives. My job was to drive it, and my husband’s was to scope out all the driving locations and where to go during our time with it. So, we went where we’ve never ventured before…a two hour drive up to beautiful Point Reyes with a stop at the amazingly gorgeous Cypress Tree Tunnel.

Looks like it’s time for another adventure, Alfie! {watch shown: Fossil Neely!}

I’m tellin’ ya, and it’s probably getting old for you to hear on repeat, but there’s nothing that brings this kinda smile to Alfie’s face, other than asking him if he wants to go for a car ride. It’s the best feeling to see him smile so huge.

Although he does have his slow days, he is in partial remission as of last week. He will still receive treatments every 3 weeks, with checkups from his oncologist — but for the most part we’re happily surprised at how well he is responding to this new treatment. It is a bit harder on his system, but it seems to be shrinking all that terrible stuff in his intestines. He’s a miracle boy!!!

This car is insane. So much horsepower, it’s an incredibly powerful vehicle.

I drove this RC F a few years ago when I was invited with Lexus and Heels & Wheels to Palm Springs to drive this, and the GS F on the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. It was an exceptional vehicle to have the privilege to drive for the few hours a few years back, let alone have it for over a week. So thank you Lexus, for allowing Alfie to lead that privileged life for a week! Back to my ten year old car we go. Ha!!

Have a great weekend everyone! Hopefully seeing these adorable pics of Alfie smiling, made you smile. Lexus — thank you for making Alfie’s days a bit brighter. Our little miracle pup loves those car rides. They’ll never get old.

Model: 2017 Lexus RC | MSRP: From $64,165 | Horsepower: 467 hp

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