MAKE UP FOR EVER Water Blend Foundation


If you were a huge fan of the Make Up For Ever Face + Body foundation, you might’ve already heard the news that this new foundation that Make Up For Ever launched, is now replacing that. It’s always such a bummer when one of your favourite foundations becomes discontinued, the struggle is real. In the back of my mind I had always wanted to try the Face + Body foundation since it was a lightweight formula, that allows your skin to breath yet look incredible and dewy on the face (and bod!). However, I never did get around to trying it out.


mufe-water-blend-blendedWhen I first received the PR parcel, I was disappointed in it. BUT! It’s only because I applied it on to the back of my hand, and it literally looked like nothing. Don’t let that fool you, you gotta try it out on your face to get an accurate representation of it. It’s completely different on your face. I usually go for a 3 pump’er of it, which admittedly is a little much. But as for review sake, I applied 1 pump to the back of my hand in the photo above, and blended it out with my fingers.

I don’t like to use my fingers when applying foundation, so I usually grab my real techniques buffing brush and use that. The water blend foundation is made up of 80% water. And that’s exactly how it feels when blending it into your skin. It’s like you just washed your face brushes and applied it with no product. That’s how lightweight it feels on the skin.

See before/after photos of me wearing the MAKE UP FOR EVER water blend, after the jump!


Bare faced on the left, and on the right I applied MAKE UP FOR EVER water blend in the shade Y415.

MUFE-Water-Blend-on-handYou might be thinking to yourself, holy smokes that’s a super dark shade of foundation. Well, it kinda is! I received 3 shades to review, and I suppose I could’ve mixed and matched my shade but the other two were more of a pink/red undertone and I don’t like to use those shades on my already reddish skin. So, I self-tanned and it worked out well (with tanned skin, of course).

water-blend-foundationI don’t use this foundation for an everyday basis, one because it’s not the best match for my skintone. But secondly, I use it when I want to hurry out the door but have a little coverage on my face, but not overly-done. You know? It’s easy to wear, and apparently it’s waterproof, too. Which, is so weird. My skin hates waterproof products, that or I am applying waterproof products completely wrong. The dior eyeliner back in a review a few weeks back was supposedly waterproof. So is this Make Up For Ever water blend foundation. But they don’t last on my skin at all throughout the day.

Also keep an eye out on my YouTube channel! I’ll have a live demo/get ready with me applying this foundation on Thursday!

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