POM Friday

Regal AlfieI haven’t done a POM Friday post of Alfie in ages. Although his photos sneak into blog posts every now and again, I really missed taking him out on adventures each week, snapping pics – and posting them every Friday.

So, it’s back for the time being. Many people love his sweet smile, but don’t get me started on how bossy he is to strangers and other dogs! Whoooo….wee. That smile doesn’t last for long when he’s ready to boss someone around, let me tell ya.

Here’s some sweet photos I took of him last week!

white wall alfie

Alfie in bushes


Alfie on chair

By the way, my little ‘palm tree’ in the background there is totally dying. First I over-watered it, it was dying because it was rotting. Then I stopped watering it alltogether, and now…. it looks like this. WHATEVER. Over it.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully the Alfie post made you smile :)


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