Outfits of my week

After I mentioned I’d be bringing back outfits of the week I only kept it up for one week. Fail on my part! I had been taking pictures continuously for the second week then dropped off the face of the selfie planet for a few weeks there after. Fret not… here are some more self timed portraits for you to take a oggle at! I’ll try to remember to take daily pictures again. It’s easy to forget, especially since it’s been close to 2 years since I had been doing it regularly.

I need to say something about this even though you guys probably didn’t even notice. Here’s me bringing attention to it! The second last picture was taken at 6:30am before I headed out the door to attend an all-day blog conference in San Francisco. I had caked on too much makeup in hopes of covering up my hives, hence the weird colouring/flash photography and chunky jawline lol :(

If you’d like me to continue weekly OOTD’s, please comment! :)outfits-weekly

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