Pom Friday . 18

Our little man has some manners. He’s so gentle when he accepts treats, or bones from us and always does tricks to try and butter us up to get another one.

Roll over. Down. Dance. Sit. Paw. Come. Around (circle around my legs). Get in (sit by my side). Over! (to jump over something) Stay. Wait. Ok (means he can leave)

Those are a few of his tricks. But the best part is he’s just as laid back as the rest of us, in the comfort of his own home. Get him outside with our neighbour’s pup, Penelope and he’ll viscously go after her, barking uncontrollably for around 2 minutes. Then they go about their ways, and walk side by side completely ignoring one another.

Have you seen this Instagram video of him in the galvanized tub (aka the beer tub?) He wouldn’t get out of it! So I took him for a wheely around the apartment, hah!

Enjoy the few photos I took of him late last week (since I still am in Yosemite!).







See you next week :)

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  1. OMG I am in love!!! My sister has a pom and I’m a chihuahua mommy, so I know all about these magical little gems :) My dogs really love the dog park and hanging with other dogs. They’re old now so they pretty much just sleep all day until I wake them up for treats….which they of course take gently, too :)

  2. Hehehe your Pom is just to cute!!! Looks beyond adorable in that tub!!! He’s so small that the tub looks huge lol

  3. He is so adorable and the pictures are just amazing. I love how he is loving the camera and looking like he is literally posing like a model. Thanks for sharing.

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