Pom Friday . 3

I didn’t think it was a thing to play with your food when you’re an animal. Guess this will prepare us for the weird things kids do, when The Guy and I pop out one or two. Alfie has this thing where he takes one kibble of food from his bowls, walks a few feet away from it and mouths at it a few times. Reaches in, almost bites, then backs off. It’s funny to watch, so I don’t bother him while he’s doing it. You know, he may get a complex and all.

Both his brown place-mat and his cereal bowls are from Target. I’ve upgraded our little guy from a silver platter (silver dog bowls) to fine china (ceramic bowls). Ha. I thought that was a pretty funny joke. Until I had to add in the brackets to explain. In my head it was funny.

For now, enjoy these photos of him eating and playing with his food.dog-bowls






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  1. I love your dog(s)! I totally want :) so cute. I never thought about getting nicer bowl for our dog, it makes so much sense in order to make a little nicer for the house.

    1. @Holly: I never thought about having nicer bowls for the pup’s either, until we got rid of his 4 year old stainless steel ones when we moved to the USA. Then I couldn’t find “nice” ones for him, and everything had paw prints on it and ugly writing. So I opted for these white square cereal bowls from Target! :)
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  2. My cat started playing with her food recently. With dry kibble she has always played around with it by putting it in her water dish and then eating it. Now she is taking her wet food and she puts some on her paw and eats it off her paw – messy! I might need to upgrade her to china too, sometimes I think she sees her reflection in the stainless steel ones and it freaks her out!

  3. What a cutie! :) I love animals so much – our Maltese, Paisley, eats really weird-ly (is that a word?). She brings one piece at a time from her dish into the living room and eats it before going back for the next. Hey – at least she’s burning calories! Haha!

  4. Your dog is a cutie pie! My moms dog has quirks when he eats too. He’s so protective over his food that once you place it down, he doesn’t want you to touch him or the food until he is done eating! lol

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