3 words per picture

I don’t believe in the whole concept of blogging “just because”. I blog when I have something to say, even though I say I like to blog each weekday. Monday & Tuesday I didn’t have anything new to tell you, thus the lack of posts. However today I’m stealing an idea from Janae, and doing a 3 words per picture type of blog post. Something a little different!

What are you guys doing today? I’m heading out with Jessica today. It’ll be exciting, I’ll blog about it later.

/// King of Castle ///

/// Beautiful Santana Row ///

Blueberry Muffins/// I made these ///

15 target/// $15 well spent ///

bright polish/// Being colour adventurous ///

Therapy cardigan/// Shoulda bought it ///

Giggle Juice/// Good present idea ///

/// New favourite drink ///

Easter Breakfast/// Our Easter breakfast ///

/// Forever 21 purchases ///

Chocolate Mooed Jamba Juice/// Dude. Chocolate Moo’d ///

abs/// Just bought it ///

bacardio2/// Need this next ///

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