Date with julester

With the amount of giggling that Julie and I do, you would think that we haven’t seen each other in months and had tons of catching up to do. That’s what our server at the local Boston Pizza up the road, thought of us when we dropped in for lunch randomly on Monday afternoon. No, we just work across the hall from each other and make everyone want to work with us when we go out and have fun.

We love pizza! This is my excited face.

Can you please take our picture for my blog Mister Danny server guy? Thanks friendly man!

Jule-ster had a coupon to use. She’s a learnin’! Saving money = awesome.Full on sugar pepsi. This girl’s gonna be hyper. A personalized Rustic Italian, for the lil’ Italian lady.  Looks like love, right? I had a deluxe pizza, and I posed kinda creepy looking so you’re not going to get to see that one.

By the end of our lunch hour, we were the only one’s in the entire restaurant and couldn’t get our server’s attention for more (!!) pepsi, and our bill at the end of the lunch. Plus, heck man—we were on a time limit. We only got an hour for lunch. It was a tad annoying.

Love breaking up the day with a lunch time date with a co-worker (and not having to get HCG shots Austin done)! So fun!

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